Happy Australia Day, all you Aussies out there. It’s the time to celebrate being an Aussie – cook some snags on the barbie for me! You beauts, have fun today! GO FOR VICTORIA AZARENKA even though she isn’t Aussie. Enjoy the tennis, chuck a sicky if you’re meant to be at school, have a bonzer barbie with the ankle-biters. I give a fair dinkum salute to any Aussies out there.

LOLOL that was fun. Did any of you Americans understand my Aussie lingo?

Also, Aussie is pronounced “ozzie”, not “ossi”. When some American actress said Aussie the wrong way, I completely went off my head. So say it right or face my wrath.

Have a bonzer day,

P.S. Have something from Hungry Jack’s, too!


One thought on “HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

  1. O: Australia Day was marked off on my RotG calendar!! I guess it’s only fair to Bunny!!

    I actually did understand most of it!! My parents lived in Australia for a year before I was born, so we’ve got a good amount of Australian CDs/other stuff around the house!

    Ossi?? But that doesn’t even make sense, it’s awkward in your mouth!!?

    Yay, Happy belated Australia Day to you, too!! ^^

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