• writing introductions will be the death of me
  • Rude people on Tumblr (i’m sorry sometimes I just really lose my patience with them!!!!!!!!!)!!! Why??
  • TWO TESTS TOMORROW ALSO I FAILED TODAY’S SCIENCE QUIZ BECAUSE GRAVITY SUCKS (not really! Please don’t ever leave us, gravity! [though I really don’t think that’s possible but assuming inertia takes over or something and we fly off into Jupiter, I dunno!!])
  • vertical shrinks and stretches what what what
  • Do you know those weird scenes in movies where suddenly the world is spinning and then the person ends up on the floor? Yeah that just happened to me and I don’t know if it’s because I am suffering from sleep deprivation or because I ate two ice cream sandwiches.
  • But those ice cream sandwiches were really good, so I think it was worth it!
  • Temple Run 2 is starting to become really unhealthy for me. Every time I miss a green gem I feel my little heart breaking into several pieces.
  • I’m going to go with your input and name one of the main character’s friends Lise! I want to name the main character something generic, but not too common at the same time, and I think Lise doesn’t fit her. I can’t decide, waah! Rachel, Amelia, or Kelsey? Wow, I am awful at decisions!
  • i
  • got
  • this
  • cool
  • shirt!!!!!!!



Marius you are no longer a child…
I do not doubt you mean it well.
But now there is a higher call!
We strive towards a larger goal!
Our little lives don’t count at all.

-Enjolras. Literally. Red text, bolded and all.


It’s a little big for me, but I managed to resolve that with a hair band! My friend got it for me as a late-ish birthday gift. It’s beautiful.

A little awkward to walk around with my husband’s face on a shirt, but it is no matter!

Haha, just kidding! Not really

I end this post with a super vague question that was on the science quiz today:

“Pretend you are a team member of NASA launching a shuttle. What tool of measurement would you use to get the most accurate information?”

The answer choices were spring scale, balance, graduated cylinder, and calculator.

I went with calculator in an act of pure sarcasm and spite. I am 100% done with his questions and contradictory pieces of advice!!!


One thought on “Rghghghghghghgh

  1. Introductions can be soooo tedious afkdjfk

    D: Oh my goodness I’ve been lucky enough never to encounter anyone rude on tumblr!! I’m sorry you ran into some!! TT_TT

    FFskkk I’m sure you’ll do AWESOME in all of your classes!! You’re brilliant, don’t ever doubt yourself!! ^^

    I remember those, they’re pretty fun once you get used to them!! ^^

    Oh my Thor Ice cream sandwiches are ALWAYS worth it.

    It could be worse, I think the Temple Run Hero looks kind of like Flynn Rider! ^^”

    Amelia is really pretty, and so is Kelsey! I’ve always been partial to the name Fiona (Or maybe it’s just that I’m watching Shrek ^^”), or Elizabeth, or Elise, or Jillian!

    Oh my god
    Your shirt
    I can’t

    OMG Hiccup is on literally like all of my clothing–BE PROUD OF YOUR HUBBY GIRL!!

    Hmm… I would go with an Alien-o-Meter–it would measure the amount of Alien activity and how close it was to you!!

    But I honestly think you picked the right thing! ^^ Because like the liquids would float out of a graduated cylinder, and the spring scale is based on gravity/weight, and stuff would float off the balance as well!!

    Oh my goodness though I know the feeling. Like some of my classes I’m just like, “STOP.”

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