So, Um, Hi

Welp, hiatus didn’t last long.

Let’s just say that I absolutely HATEHATEHATE it when I get into an argument with someone who cannot argue properly at all!

i.e. My mum. She is sooo irrational, actually just like Rachel. Basically, I had been writing Untitled Story instead of playing piano like I should have been, and you want to know the conclusion Mum drew from this?

“You don’t love me! You just prefer to stay with your perfect dad.”

Sorry, but do any of you see the logic in that? Apparently, if I “truly loved” Mum, I wouldn’t be procrastinating because then I wouldn’t have to stress about learning songs when I was at Mum’s place.

Dad told me the reason their marriage fell apart was because Mum was too irrational and attack-y during fights, not listening to logic.

Still, I love them.

Anyways, I am hungry. Ranting gives me an appetite.

Feel like writing something BotB-related.


2 thoughts on “So, Um, Hi

  1. Agh, I know, arguments can really turn into sticky situations! They’re irritating to deal with sometimes!

    Practicing an intstrument sure is a big responsibility! I’m sorry you got into a tough position with your mom! Sometimes we all unravel our emotions. I’m sure she didn’t mean it — plus, being a parent can be really hard to deal with! I am 100% positive your mother really loves you, even if she may seem irrational at times. I hope you two are able to work it out!

    Ehehehehe, EVERYTHING gives me an appetite!

  2. I know what you mean 😦 I’m lucky in that my mom is reasonable, but there are some kids I know that it’s just like… What?

    Aww, I’m sorry your mom thought that!! 😦 But I KNOW she knows you love her, and I’m sure she would never actually think anything like that! We all say things we don’t mean when we’re upset or distracted, and I’m glad you guys worked it all out!! ^^

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