I honestly can’t stop rewatching this video! (there are some inappropriate innuendos involved, so watch at your own risk!)


Aaron. TVEIT.

I love Gabe’s sassiness.

“It’s the seventh night this week I’ve sat ’til morning!”
“Great! Here we go.”
“Imagining the ways you might have died!”
“Why yes, and tonight’s winner is…”
“In a freak September ice storm with no warning!”
“Because that happens.”
“…Not at the moment.”

When I first watched Next to Normal, I had the hugest crush on Gabe until I found out that he’d been (spoilers ahead) dead for 16 years. Talk about a mood killer.

But I simply admire the writing of the whole story so much, with all the twists and turns! Not the “haha, paradoxes and random plot twists that are hard to follow make me a clever writer!” kind (cough cough STEVEN MOFFAT) but the subtle touches.

I want to be able to write like that!

Writing! It is something I constantly do on a whim, though I can never finish it!

I have three ideas that I would love to enact upon but I am not entirely sure how to go forward…

I’m planning to finish A Demon’s Shadow for NaNo 2013, mainly because I might restart it anyway! So I’ve totally tossed it aside for now until October.

As for my other ideas, I’m hoping to do 10 chapter stories. Not 2, not 20, but 10 chapters! Like, technically, 5 chapters, only each chapter has 2 parts.

Short stories. I hope it’ll work out.

First idea: YOL2. You only live twice. *cackles* (it won’t be the official title, but I fondly refer to it as so!)

In a dystopian society, technology is available to the point of sustained living and extended lives. Even an entirely new one.

It’s still in its earliest stages, though, so only the staunchest supporters of the controlling and totalitarian government can be considered for the program. One must be a prime member of society: intelligent, ambitious, and a parrot for the government’s propaganda.

[1] is a nearly perfect candidate, and her biggest wish in life is to be able to be chosen as one. She hears of the whispers of a completely new mind and body, where logic is clearer and brighter than ever, where faster reflexes and an almost inhuman ability is exercised.

Unfortunately, her family is one rotten apple. With a rebellious history and a mysterious underground society involved, she’s not sure she has the courage to betray them or the loyalty to push her dreams away.

Idea two: This one is a little inspired by Next to Normal! It has almost the same plot, but a lot of elements that make it different. Hopefully.

[1] hasn’t always been the most stable person in the world, with her social awkwardness and her mindless daydreaming frequently occurring.

She’s positive that, as one of the single most boring and unsteady-minded people in existence, there couldn’t be anyone out there that could remotely care.

One day she bumps into the one that potentially might: [2]. With his near flawlessness and his infectious personality, it’s hard for no one to fall for him. Her entire world changes as she radiates through life, content that one person finally sees her for who she is.

On the other side of the spectrum, her few friends start to grow concerned as [1] begins showing an even more erratic personality, disregarding them completely and acting as if there’s some strange force interfering in her life.

[1] doesn’t understand why her friends can’t see. Her friends don’t understand why she’s deluded by what she sees.

(hint: this one would have a slight plot twist, and if you read in deeply enough, you can figure out what it is! Or if you’re familiar with the plot to N2N, either one, ahaha.)

Idea three: This one is just a standard fantasy story about a group of abnormals who accidentally instigate a rebellion against the monarchy without really meaning to. Yes, not much figured out about that one!

For the first, I have the characters figured out but the plot = 1%. Welp! @__@

The second: I have a basic plot, only I don’t know if I want a tragic or mysterious ending. And every character but [1] and [2] is pretty flat. I don’t even know [1]’s name! D8 Do you like Lise, Elspeth, or Rachel better?

The third: Probably the one I’d ask characters for — I love how all of you guys always submit super unique ones with traits I could never think of alone! The plot, however, is also 1% figured out.

I’m sorry for rambling! I desire your opinions! Which should I go with?


3 thoughts on “UM


    I bought the script and it got here a couple of weeks ago! It's so great! Isn't Alice Ripley such a fantastical actress? Just Another Day has got to be the most played song, because I sort of die when I listen to it. I'm singing You Don't Know for Thespian regionals this Friday and I'm so excitified! I want Gabe to someday come sing I'm Alive to me. Have you seen Costco, which was a song that was cut from N2N? It's hilarious! I think I posted it on the chat a few weeks ago.

    And that's a great plot idea! I agree foxface, I also like the name Lise! But those are all good names, so you choose the one you like! 😀

  2. O: Oh woooow!! Sassy characters are like literally the best!! ^^

    FFT What!? You CAN write like that!!

    Ohh, I can’t wait to hear your stories! I know they’ll be great! ^^ And it’s OK, I don’t think I’ve finished ANYTHING I started writing in… three years?!

    The first idea sounds awesome!! YOL2 oh my goood ahaha!! A kid in my history class changed his name to #yoloswag(his name), and he makes the teacher call him that!!

    Ohh, awesome!! I looove the idea for the second one, I would totally read it!! Is the twist that they’re BOTH SECRETLY CATS?!

    ALL IDEAS ARE SOOO GOOD AHHH!! I’d say just go with whichever one you feel like writing most! And then you can rotate through all three, writing a chapter for whichever one you feel like!

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