Wow guys! It has been a quite a while, hasn’t it?

I apologize greatly! I have made 2 OC character’s from Rise of the Guardians and working on making on from Once Upon a Time. You should watch this movie and tv show. They are both amazing.

I took a little break due to the fact many people were commiting suicide and I just could not handle it.


I will most definitely continue A Game of Bloody Hearts which will be the one of two only stories I shall be working on. And my friend Olivia and I picked up our old story, Creators of the World. She is writing the chapter on Clark. We may have really messed up some of your characters *cough cough Tio* so we apologize TT_TT  You probably don’t remember since it was such a while back but you can read the first 4 chapters, Creators of the World. Though, I am also working on a school-fanfiction on the Hunger Games ._. So I am pretty busy. You can read those here. 

Also, I recall wanting to make a character for Nicola’s story. So I shall just put it here ^.^

Name: Adriana Kattan

Age: 16

Ethnicity: She is of mixed descent. Her mother was Bulgarian and her father an Arabian.

Status: Stoner or the girl that mostly everyone avoids xcept her gang

Appearance: She got the best qualities from both of her parents. She has long curling, black lashes which contrast with her large jade eyes. She has slightly tanned skin and long died jet black hair with dark red highlights. She oftenly wears ratty clothes or mostly black. She uses quite a bit of eye makeup and lipstick.

Personality: Due to many mistakes and wrong doings of the past Adriana, doesn’t quite trust many people. Maybe, only a few and puses people outside of her life if they find to much and end up caring. She is your typical delinquent  cutting class, cheating on tests, not doing homework, using drugs. She doesn’t care what people think of her, even her parents. They highly disapprove of this but it is too late now. She is a strict vegan. Many, of the people in her school think she is creepy and weird and the other half is scared out of their wits of her. {insert person here or not} She ends up turning herself around for this person, stops smoking and takes control of her life.

Talents: She is extremely musically talented, excelling in the guitar and various other musical instruments. She can pick locks, hack and break into the cars. Yeah, typical delinquent stuff. Did I mention she is a awesome liar?

Extra Info: She had a brother but he died, in a car crash.

Random Song For Inspiration!: Carmen by Lana Del Rey

I will make another one later >.<

Toodles everyone! 😀

4 thoughts on “Whoah!

  1. Hello, hello! Welcome back! It’s great to hear from you.

    OUAT: Yes! I really like it so far, I’m totally into it. Only two episodes in, though!

    I would LOVE to read more of A Game of Bloody Hearts and Creators of the World! Also, I will check out your FF as well. I’ve been neglecting the HG fandom! That seems like a lot on your plate though, I know I would never be able to accomplish juggling three stories at a time — I applaud you.

    I like your character!

    Toodly-doo 8)

    1. Thanks Rainfall!

      It is really good! The backstory’s are very creative and ohmygoodness I LOVED Red’s. But thats episode 15.

      Thank you 😀 Return to the fandom! You are missed c: I am proud of myself too o.o

      Thanks! 😀


  2. Yay, welcome back!! ^^

    Ohh, I’ll bet your OCs are all awesome! ^^ RotG and OUT TOTALLY rock!!

    Wow, that sounds awful! D: I’m sorry you were exposed to that!!

    OMG I can’t waiiit to read your stories!! ^^

    Oh, Adriana sounds awesome!!

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