i have deceived you all

i am not who you think i am

me irl

woofity woof im a dog



Yesterday and the day before tumblr was just making me really sad. It was like national post the saddest thing you can think of day or something! And today everything is funny, so that makes me happy! ^^ I was literally having mental breakdowns at school just THINKING about stuff I saw on tumblr! ^^”


I’ve got my first paying gig as an illustrator YIPPEE!!


11 thoughts on “Confession

  1. NO! How could you lie to us like that? We put our trust in you… ;(

    Today was not at all funny. I went swimming and became a chocolate-coloured prune.

    Oh, well done! ^^ What are you illustrating?

    1. i know i have let you all down WAIT DID SOMEONE SAY TREAT!!?!

      Aww, I’m so sorry it wasn’t funny!! D: Maybe today or tomorrow will be funnier! ^^

      I’m illustrating this letter that a man wants to write to his grandson! It’s really cute, and he knew our school somehow, and an art teacher who’s a good friend of mine (WHO REMINDS ME OF THE TOOTH FAIRY!!) recommended me!! It’s not going to be published or anything, but I’m super excited to get started! ^^

  2. Photobucket


    Mreow, meow mew meow????!!

    Well, in all seriousness, that’s an adorable picture! I love your dog!!!

    Tumblr is my downfall! You’re completely right, sometimes I end up rolling around the house, wheezing from laughter — other times I am struck with nothing but feels. And then I end up curled up in a ball on my bed with a hole in my heart. 8(

    That is great, I am so happy for you! Congratulations! Best of luck for all future opportunities!

    1. OOOOO: I knew it!!

      Aww, thank you!! ^^ She hates me, I make her do dumb stuff like that ^^”

      Your cat is SOOO cute though!! ^^

      I knoooow ugh TUMBLR WHY??

      O: Thank you so much!! It’s not really a big deal, it’s not going to be published or anything, but it’s just sooo exciting!! 8D

    *insert picture of my parakeets here*

    Aw! I know! tumblr can be sad and happy. Depends what fandom you join. Beware the ROTG fandom. There is so much anon hate and suicide >.<

    Congrats! What are you illustrating?

    Toothiana is so beautiful! That movie I swear had the most perfect animation ever. I wish they went more in depth with the other characters background not just focus on Jack Frost. Because they had some pretty interesting background stories if you tell me!

    1. Oh I KNOOOOW, the RotG fandom kills me UGHGHGHGH!! And I haven’t even gotten into anon hate yet, eek!! I think everyone in that fandom is just in love with being sad!!!

      It’s a letter from a man to his grandson explaining his heart attack, and it’s really cute!! It’s not going to be published or anything but I’m suuuper excited!

      OH I KNOOOW!! It definitely should have been nominated for an Oscar?? I think they just didn’t get enough press for it, I talked to LOADS of people who didn’t even know it existed! 😦

      O: I read somewhere that the movies were going to be a series, and the first one was just Jack’s story!! The original title was like, “The Guardians: Rise of Jack Frost” or something! I just hope that they’re able to make the rest of them after the first one didn’t do so well!! TT_TT Also, I don’t have any text references except tumblr, so I really don’t know! ^^”

      1. I know! Wait, what is your url? Are you Merida?

        Aw! That is adorable! I bet it is going to be great!

        I know! The fandom was going insane! Though, didn’t Brave win a Golden Globe? Brave and ROTG are like sister fandoms so I guess everyone was okay with that!

        Gasp! I hope they make them! I absolutely fell in LOVE with Toothiana’s and how she turned into the fairy. It was perfect. I really need to find the books and read them. Of course, they must put Pitch’s. The fallen general with a daughter.

        I am having so much fun ranting with you c:

  4. :O You deceived me. D:

    tumblr is tumblr. Like, seriously. But I love it, even if it kills me. ❤

    YAY FOR PAYING GIGS AS ILLUSTRATOR! 😀 That's so fantastical, I know you'll do awesome on it! 😀

    1. tumblr is like a drug or something, it hurts you but it’s addicting!! But it can also help, too! ^^

      O: Thank you so much, that means a lot!! :’D I’m just waiting for the size they want it in and then I’ll get started!!

      I SAW WICKED YESTERDAY AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! I can totally see you as Glinda!! Er… GUH-Linda?

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