whoops whoops whoops

My laptop broke!! 8( I break everything I touch, eventually, one way or another.

I have no idea what happened, but it’s been having battery problems for the past year. A couple of days ago it finally decided it had enough of me! Everytime I turn it on the screen is just black even though I can tell it’s on!

Arhghghghgghghghghghghghghghgh. I have so many files on there and that laptop is literally my life!

Anyway, I had to dig out my sister’s old Macbook which is kind of depressing because I now no longer have my music, photos, applications, Photoshop, etc. 😦 And everything is in Dutch because she got it repaired in the Netherlands. Welp.

OK, so my friends and I got into a discussion about music piracy (either obtaining it illegally or sharing files with others) and literally all of them either said, “yeah I’ve done it before” or “I would if I knew how”! I will not try and pretend I am 100% innocent from this crime, but it’s getting me worried!

Why is the penalty for downloading music MORE severe than arson and kidnapping in the US??

So anyway, I started telling my friend about procedures and penalties for music piracy.

The scenario is already playing in my mind: a knock at the door at midnight.

“We’ve gotten information from an interrogation suspect — we hereby accuse you of spreading information about illegal online music piracy!” and then they’d read me the Miranda rights as I (unsuccessfully) attempt to flee the scene.

Well, that’s enough about the petty crimes my friends and I have committed.

I have two GIGANTIC tests tomorrow — one is over the 27 amendments and the other is to get into the state Geography Bee.

I have not studied for either and I am most definitely going to miserably fail and I really really really need to past the latter!



ahh what am I doing with my time? I am awful at management of it.

My only hope is that it hailed earlier, so the roads may become icy and school could be cancelled?

I am currently praying to all the deities that have been recorded in human history.

Survey under the cut, because the usual and ever so charming Rainfall, right after complaining about time management she decides to waste her time further!

That horrible whale noise you may have heard was my wail of despair. 8(

The last line of a movie that made you…

CRY: The lyrics of the reprise from “Do You Hear the People Sing”, Les Mis — if I remember correctly, “it is the future that we bring when tomorrow comes” (though I think it was mostly the sight of Eponine, Enjolras, Grantaire, and all the other barricade bbs on the barricade that unleashed the waterworks!)

LAUGH: Probably something from the Hunger Games or The Amazing Spider-Man, as those were the two movies I watched last ^^;

GO “EWW”: ^^^ Most likely the lizard cannibal rat or rock-Peeta.

The last line of a TV show that made you…

CRY: “She was the most important woman in the universe” — the Doctor about Donna from Doctor Who BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO REWATCH JOURNEY’S END. (spoiler alert, it was not.)

LAUGH: “Oi, earth girl!” The Doctor from Journey’s End 8)

GO “EWW”: A part where they showed and discussed a real surgery happen in a documentary I watched in English what  what what blargh 3___3

The last line from a book that made you…

CRY: Something from The Fault From Our Stars. ANYTHING. Because that book is incredibly heartbreaking.

LAUGH: ^^^ because it’s so witty and I reread it earlier today.

GO “EWW”: Umm…Hazel and Augustus being a little inappropriate, ehehe.

Guess the time without looking at the time. 5:00

What is the time? 5:40 8D

What is the closest orange thing to you? A bag of empty chips and dreams.

What do you touch when you put your arms out to your left? The laptop charger.

What is the next event on your schedule? The major Bee test. Help!

What shirt are you wearing? A grey sweater, my wardrobe is rather boring!

Who was the last person you talked to? My lonely soul.

What is the book closest to you (not including ebooks)? The Fault in Our Stars and Les Miserables, mostly because I recently got them from a friend, so they’re stacked on top of each other on my bed!

What was the last movie you watched? Ze Hunger Games.

What was the last book your read from? The Fault in Our Stars.

What are your other tabs? WTR, Tumblr — no surprises there!

What do you feel like doing now? Crying with despair and rage and uleashing my flair of dramatics!


3 thoughts on “whoops whoops whoops

  1. Arrgh, I’m so sorry about your laptop!! D: That sounds utterly miserable! TT_TT It’s kind of cool your sister’s laptop is in Dutch, though!! Watch, you’ll be speaking fluent Dutch by the time your computer’s all fixed up!!

    That IS a good question–I’m pretty sure everyone’s pirated music before!! I’m not going to deny that I’ve done my fair share ^^” (I try to avoid it though, when I can!! I’ve had my computer sent to the shop WAYYY too many times because of viruses to download pretty much anything anymore!) I mean, to me, I don’t think it’s that big a deal, especially if it’s just one or two songs from different artists. I think the BIG problem is when people download like entire music libraries and don’t pay a cent, just because it’s unfair to the artist! But the number of people that would have to download that much music without a penny to the artist is completely unrealistic for the penalty to be THAT severe!!

    NOOOO!!! You are going to ACE your tests!! But just in case, I’ll put in a word with Jack!! 😉

    I love all of your answers, the cry one especially!! I know what you mean by just looking at the characters together pushing you over the edge–sometimes it’s just like, “Oh wow, oh GODS NO WHY!?!”

  2. Ugh, it sounds like everything is going horribly! At least you got a day off school – karma’s got your back. 😉

    I used to use a programme called LimeWire, but the authorities found out about it and issued a warning to every who was using it. It was scary! Then I found that I can just convert YouTube vids to MP3 files, which is apparently legal, but YouTube is trying to prevent this. And there’s a petition which needs a few million people.


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