A post in two parts

So Mum and I watched Life of Pi a few days ago!

We were meant to watch Wreck-It Ralph but I wanted pizza and if we waited for the pizza then we would miss most of the movie. So we decided to watch Life of Pi instead. We were on the bus, and I was stuffing my face with pizza, thinking about how embarrassing it would be if anyone I knew saw me. Well, the universe decided to conjure up three girls I hated during primary school.

One smiled at me and said, “Hi,” and I smiled back. The second didn’t notice me. The third look at me like I was some sort of specimen from a genetic experiment lab. I smiled at all of them, though, because that’s just how I roll. I don’t like to show my hostility towards anyone.

Except to Rachel. Who’s my best friend of two years.

Anyway, Life of Pi was sooo beautiful! It amazes me how they managed to make a movie about a boy on a lifeboat. My favourite scene was the one with all the glowing jellyfish, and I loved the music. Expecially the vibraphone parts!

Ooh, ooh! I finally watched Sherlock, because iTunes gave me the first episode free and from then on I was hooked. And I read a sample of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and am four fifths through City of Bones. But I don’t think Mortal Instruments is for me; the writing style is probably for an older audience.

And now, something to cure my boredom… I challenge y’all to fill this in yourself!


The last line of a movie that made you…

CRY: “I’m sorry…” ~Hannah apologises, Your Sister’s Sister

LAUGH: “Hey, Richard Parker.” ~Pi refers to the tiger, Life of Pi

GO “EWW”: “Oh, thanks, but you don’t really have to do that. A simple thank you would be enough.” ~Snow, when he and Emilie are in a compromising position, Lockdown

The last line of a TV show that made you…

CRY: “I am sorry. Forgive me. Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper.” ~Sherlock apologises, Sherlock

LAUGH:Attaboy, Leonard. Nothing gets the ladies hotter than software devlopment analogies.” ~Leonard talks to himself, The Big Bang Theory

GO “EWW”: “You were in the middle of an erection.” ~Raj makes a dirty joke out of Sheldon erecting his settlement, The Big Bang Theory

The last line from a book that made you…

CRY: “I did it to impress you, Victoria Brennan.” ~Ben declares his undying love for Tory… kinda, Code

LAUGH: “It’s the Mortal Cup, Jace, not the Mortal Toilet Bowl.” ~Isabelle, after Jace is disappointed with the Cup’s size, City of Bones

GO “EWW”: “Sit closer.” ~Heath gropes Blue, Putting Boys On the Ledge

Guess the time without looking at the time. 1:00

What is the time? 3:19… two hours off

What is the closest orange thing to you? A broken salt holder I use as decoration for my room.

What do you touch when you put your arms out to your left? Air. Well, a geometry set if I lean over more.

What is the next event on your schedule? Piano lesson, Wednesday, 2:30.

What shirt are you wearing? A black singlet beneath a loose, buttoned, sleeveless orangey thing. With pineapples all over it.

Who was the last person you talked to? My dad.

What is the book closest to you (not including ebooks)? The Collins Robert French Paperback Dictionary, which is on top of Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder.

What was the last movie you watched? Life of Pi.

What was the last book your read from? City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare.

What are your other tabs? Facebook, FanFiction, IMDb, Wikipedia.

What do you feel like doing now? Threatening the Sherlock crew and cast with death if they don’t get moving with Season 3. I’m getting impatient.


4 thoughts on “A post in two parts

  1. City of Bones is more for… Maybe 14 and up? I don’t remember how old you are, but I’m 16 (I’m an old fart) and I like them. I think I started reading them in 6th or 7th grade. It’s got some violence in it, possible incest, and some heated romance scenes (nothing too bad, it just depends what you’re comfortable with reading). It’s a good story line and if you don’t read it now, read The Infernal Devices! Those might be more in your forte!

    And Honey, Sherlock… Well, keep threatening the crew.

  2. Life of Pi looks like a really good movie! I’ve heard so many great reviews, I’m disappointed I most likely won’t be able to see it!

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to see Wreck-It Ralph, but LoP and pizza sure sounds fun, anyway!

    Sherlock is such a fabulous show and I am more than excited to welcome you to the fandom!

    That really looks like an amusing survey, I will have to try it out myself!

  3. Ughughugh I hate running into people I used to know!! Because then I’m never sure if they’re who I think they are or if they remember me and it’s always really awkward ^^”

    My grandmother LOOOVED Life of Pi!! I never saw the movie, but I really liked the book!!

    Ohh, I need to watch Sherlock!! It’s on Netflix, but I’ve got a growing list of stuff I need to watch and I never seem to have enough time!! TT_TT

    The survey looks really fun!! I’ll be sure to fill it out when it’s not midnight and I don’t have a chapter of History to do, eheheh ^^”

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