Ok now I know I’m probably spamming, and that I’m not supposed to do that, but I JUST CAN”T HELP IT I CSANTLKDJ:FKJ

We went to Disney World this weekend!! Oh my gosh it was so fun! My dad did his Gaston voice and my sister and I sang together!!

But they had this meet-and-greet area where you can meet Merida! It used to be where you could meet Rapunzel, but they changed it thanks to Brave’s popularity!

(And don’t worry, Rapunzel is getting her own place!):

u no y we stay up in dis tower


BUT ANYWAY… Merida was doing her Meet-and-Greet thing, so I said to my parents, “You have to FORCE me to meet her. When we get to the line, I will say, ‘No, I don’t want to,’ but you have to FORCE me to meet her!”

It took us three or four times of us walking by (And hours of me kicking myself for not getting in line!) until my mom finally said, “Ok, I’m going to stay here and see Merida, I don’t know about you Nireth!”

Of course I INSTANTLY jumped into line behind her and was like, “YESYEYESYESYEYSEYSYEYSE!!!”

And I was so glad I did, because:


I was talking in my Scottish accent, so she asked if I was actually from Scotland!! (I said no, of course ^^”)


And she signed my sketchbook!!!


And then she suggested we cross our arms and strike a brave pose!!

So we did!! (Although I wish I hadn’t made such an awful face UGKDJHFSLKDJFHK TT_TT I have to learn how to do it like Merida does in all the merchandise:


But then she GAVE ME A HUG!!!

And it was her idea, too!! She stretched out her arms for a hug and I was like, 8 OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then she said that ONE DAY WE SHOULD GO TO SCOTLAND TOGETHER!!!!!!

Of course afterwards I broke down crying and couldn’t stop for like half an hour ^^”

But OHHH MY GOSHH!! She was just so wonderful and Merida is my absolute favorite at it just meant so much ashhJSHDKGJHSDLKFJH!!!

I mean, I LOVE Rapunzel, but I could associate so much more with Merida! The movie came out right after I had a spectacularly tough year with my mom, and the story hit really close to home! Plus, I loved how they showed the strong family bonds that held everyone together!

Anyway, if you could go to Disney, which character would you like to meet most? What would you say to them??




  1. Oh awesome, you went to Disneyland!!!!! 😀 Lucky duck!

    And you met Merida ASDFGHJKL;!!!

    If only the HP franchise was by Disney. ;_; Well, I think I would choose to meet Merida, but I wouldn’t say anything because I’d just be speechless, gaping at her like an idiot.

    1. Yeah, we live really close, and my sister had a Tournament in Orlando today! Disney’s hotel rooms were pretty cheap, so we were just like, “Why not?”

      I KNOW I KNOW I KNOOOOW!!! I started crying before my turn and my mom was like, “Now don’t you DARE cry!”

      I think Universal does a bang-up job! I mean, they don’t have the face characters (Which would be cool!), but the fun part about Harry Potter world is that it feels like YOU’RE the Hogwarts student! YOU’RE the one going on the adventure! It’s sooo cool!

      O: I know you’d say something wonderful and witty! ^^ She’s super nice and sweet, so she’d probably start a conversation if you couldn’t!!

      1. A few years now, I’m going to cross two things off my bucket list; go on a cruise and visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! EEK I can’t wait!!

        Wonderful and witty? I wish, hehe.

        Me: “M-Merida… You – I – you’re awesome – and -”
        Merida: “Sorry, I didn’t catch that!”
        Me: “I – w-w-w-waaaah!” *breaks down and run across the world in happiness*

        1. O: Whoaaa, sick! ^^ I know you’re going to LOVE Harry Potter World!!! Have your wand at the ready!

          Oh my gosh you mos certainly would have something fantastically fabulous to say!! It would go down more like this:

          Nicola: “Oh my gosh, Merida! Have you had any more trouble with bears on the highlands?”

          Merida: “No; after Mor’du, all the bears seem pretty tame!”

          Nicola: “Whew, well that’s good! What about Disney Bears?”

          Merida: “Ah, they’re tricky little devils, but mischievous at their worst! If you’d like we could rig a trap for them! They’ve been stealing from the kitchen again, although I have a sneaking feeling they’re my wee brothers!”

          Nicola: “That sounds great!”

          (Merida and Nicola run off to trap the triplets and become best friends forever!!)

          1. Haha, if only I could meet Merida!! I went to Disneyland once, when I went to the US and visited Anaheim or something. But Brave hadn’t been invented then. 😦

  2. I’m singing a Tangled song for a talent show type thing this year! So I’d want to meet with Rapunzel at the moment.

    But I would love love love love to meet Mulan again! I met her once when I was 10 at Disney World in Epcot and it was amazing!!!!!

    1. Wow, that sounds fun!! ^^ Rapunzel would be super nice, I’m sure! I know you’re going to ROCK your talent show! ^^

      O: That would also be amazing!! She seems like she’d be sooo cooool to meet in person! 8D

  3. Ohh my!!! I’ve only been to Disneyworld once and it was like 7 years ago, but it was so much fun and a lovely experience! I think it’s insanely cool that you you got to go!

    I love how they recreate a lot of locations, and Rapunzel’s tower definitely doesn’t disappoint — it looks amazing!

    Wowowowowow I am soooo jealous! I ADORE her dress and the set design!

    I think it sounds like you had a really good time and she seems soooo nice!

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