Planning Time

It seems that we will be merging the two ideas, as this course of action won with 3 votes.

This is a discussion post. We will be planning the story, so contribute ideas wherever you want! Don’t be shy to add big ideas.

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21 thoughts on “Planning Time

  1. A cruise combined with a strange glass shard and dreams? Oh dear.

    Challenge accepted.

    So what if the protagonist accidentally finds it in his/her suitcase while onboard the cruise, and (s)he has the strange dreams and all that? Maybe (s)he’d been packing frantically and accidentally threw in the tinfoil-wrapped glass in his/her rush to be packed on time.

    And there could be a/some crewmember(s) on the ship connected to his/her grandma or something!

    Also, we should decide whether the protagonist is a guy or girl. ^^

  2. A few basic questions that need to be answered:

    1. How is that the glass gave the pro. these dreams?

    2. What are the dreams like?

    3. What is the great mystery behind the pro.’s grandmother?

    4. What other conflicts can we add in and how can we connect them to the grandmother/strange dreams thing?

    1. True. What do you suggest?

      Maybe the pro. was kidnapped and put on a pirate ship, or decided to join the pirates or something?

      1. Of course I see this post AFTER I vote, ehehe… ^^” I’m honored you chose to merge mine with yours, though!! Your idea is sooooo wonderful! ^^

        I like the boat/cruise idea–the pirate one is good!! Or maybe they inherited their rich grandmother’s yacht after she died suddenly (and semi-mysteriously) in his sleep?? And the main character was having a party with other side characters when the protagonist found it?

        As for the questions, I have NO idea what I was thinking when I wrote the summary, but here’s just some stuff that popped into my head:

        1. The rod’s actually NOT glass, it’s a material that looks like glass but actually stores/transmits memories–like a memory conductor or something? So if two people held it at the same time, they’d see each others memories, or if someone held it while feeling strong emotion, other people who held it would be able to see/feel what they saw/felt?

        1. The rod has a tiny, barely legible inscription in it that works only in strong sunlight and projects the writing kind of like a prism? And maybe this inscription has like a hypnotic affect–until you see it all written out, it makes you stare at it for a long, long, time–so maybe the pro. stared at it for a while and got the message subliminally implanted in his brain?

        1. It’s not a rod at all (AGAIN) but the bone of some kind of creature, and pro.’s magic/magic awareness makes pro. have dreams about this magical creature?

        2. They are very cryptic and wild and make NO SENSE–at least, they don’t seem to. Pro. has to sit down and remember EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. and feed them into decoding, but EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. holds a vital piece of information that will help their adventure greatly–making them a very useful tool, but a frustrating and time consuming one, as well!!

        2. They are nightmares, which would mean pro’s motivation to unraveling the mystery would probably be to get them to stop!

        2. They are like seeing someone else’s memories, like pro. would be seeing snippets of his/her Grandmother’s life–like maybe bits and pieces of what looks like a murder? Or something like that, something weird enough to drive our protagonist.

        2. They are messages from beyond the grave, WOOOOO…

        3. Maybe g-ma buried an ancient family treasure somewhere?

        3. Maybe pro. is actually a changeling that the G-ma bargained for from the fairy world because pro.’s parents couldn’t have children?

        3. Maybe G-ma is actually still alive and is waiting on pro. to find her because she has some information regarding extremely important artifacts, weapons, or magical powers that she can’t have anyone else know?

        3. Or perhaps G-ma just wanted to mess with pro., but it ends up being an ACTUAL MYSTERY! (Trick’s on you grandma!)

        4. Maybe a group of treasure/power hunters are after it (but probably only if it provides a clue to some huge power/treasure)

        4. Angry mermaids/sea monsters/krakens

        4. Facing things about their family pro. may not want to know.

        4. If it ends up being the changeling thing, then maybe they have to face an army of fey creatures that feel cheated and they have to smooth it out??

        And as for boy vs. girl, if this is like a family thing, maybe there could be TWO pro.s, a brother and a sister? And then maybe a few of their friends as side characters?

        1. Whoaa. :O You are so full of ideas, it’s amazing! However will we choose from them?

          I especially like the idea of the family treasure, for some reason! So maybe the “glass” thing could be a memory conductor, like you said, and it transmits G-ma’s memories from when she was young. These memories that pro. sees will hint to him/her how s/he can find the treasure.

          And for motivation of finding the treasure, maybe his/her father works in a marine research institution (meaning he has lots of boats!) but their funding is steadily decreasing, because the city is losing faith/getting bored with the institution. So the treasure would be able to get the institution back up on its feet. (Pro. loves marine life and/or the sea.)

          Like you suggested, there could be another group after the treasure and will stop at nothing to make sure they get it first.

          Perhaps G-ma was a respected marine biologist who created the institution, and so the yacht and the institution was inherited by pro.’s father (G-ma’s son). Again like you suggested, the glass thing would be found on the yacht during a party.

          1. Ohh, I love the dying-research-facility idea!! That’s AWESOME!! It also turns it from a greedy treasure hunt into a, “I have to save someone with this!” treasure hunt! Perfect! ^^

            And honestly I was just spitting out the first poo that came to my head ^^” I think I’m just extra inspired because I spent all day at my sister’s Volleyball tournament with nothing to do but think and stare into space ^^”

            1. Staring into space is my favourite activity! XD Well now that we have the basic idea, we must make the plot. This is going to be complicated. ;__;

              I’d imagine the treasure to be hidden somewhere in the city, but where ??? ;___; We all need your brilliant suggestions!

              1. Staring into space has literally saved my life like over a dozen times! Especially during some classes ^^”

                YES COMPLICATED PLOTS!!! I looove those! ^^

                Hmmm, maybe since it was found on the boat, the treasure could be hidden in a shipwreck? And then they can use the dad’s research equipment to try and find it? Or maybe in a sunken UNDERWATER CITY!! And then they’d have to unravel the clues and make them apply to the underwater city, as well as figure out the coordinates of the city in the first place??

                I don’t know! A treasure hunt in the city sounds good, too! Because then the pro. would be familiar with it and would be able to be like, “Hmm, well this clue matches with this location, so bingo!”

  3. A shipwreck sounds a like a good idea! What if it was one of those shipwrecks that people pay to dive into/explore?

    Okay, I have an idea for creating our plot. We make a list of random places, and somehow connect them!

    (Actually I don’t know if this is a good idea, but whatever. ^^;)

    1. That sounds like a great idea! And I’m sorry I didn’t see this, I was replying from my dashboard, so I only saw the ones that were replies! ^^”

      But that sounds awesome!! And I know what you mean, that would be awesome! And like they think it has to be on this lost ship or something, but really it was just under their noses the whole time!

      1. Good idea! And when they finally realise the true location of the treasure, they have a final showdown with the other evil, greedy people who are after the treasure!

        Here are a few things for the list:

        Yacht, home, library, beach, school, reasearch place, pizza place.

        What else could we add?

        1. Hmmm, this is going to all sound cliche, but maybe: video game arcade, large-ish shopping mall (Maybe for a chase scene?), local museum/town heritage center, and an aquarium???

          BLUH I DON’T KNOW but all of your locations sound great!! ^^

          1. They’re not cliche at all! 😀 And the final two could be shipwreck aaaand… um… school again!

            So pro. gets his/her memory conductor on the yacht and sees an onslaught of images… what does s/he see, and what does s/he do when s/he gets back home?

            1. Maybe pro.’s just like slapped in the face with super-fast-forward snippets of their G-ma’s memory? And I think how they react to that depends on the kind of character they are. Like the sceptic pro. would go home and be like, “Nah, I just imagined it,” but the believer pro. would be like, “It means something!! We’ve got to go treasure hunting right nooow!!!

              I don’t know, ahhhh ^^” My brain is dead after school.

  4. Ah, scrap my previous idea for plotting.

    Okay, we should get the basics down.

    1. What the story is about: People finding treasure.

    2. The end: They find the treasure and save the research institute.

    3. The beginning: (I’ll fill this in.) At a party, the Main, Main Character (MMC) finds the memory conductor and sees random flashes of memories that don’t make sense. Next scene: The MCs are walking down a beach. One has a metal detector. It detects something, and so they dig it up to find an empty treasure chest belonging to G-ma. However, there are clues that might lead them to the real chest.

    4. Filling in the rest: Now we’ll figure out what on Earth happens in the middle. Just spout out random ideas, and we’ll be able to connect them!

    Also, maybe G-ma purposefully left a string of clues for the kids to follow.

    1. Awesome, sounds good!! I like the idea that the G-ma left them clues!

      As for some random stuff uhhhh:

      One MC pulls the other MCs out of their classes at school to avoid the threat of their pursuers/rivals to find the treasure (and then maybe they hide in the dark, creepy gym room and there’s like a chase in the workout machines??!!?!)

      They meet an eccentric old (and maybe helpful, maybe not?) expert on town history/the treasure in either the library or the museum who makes them start to think (like maybe at the very beginning?) that their G-ma’s clues might be more than a game?

      They find out their rivals are actually like their third cousins because their great-great-G-ma was a pirate herself, and that’s where the treasure came from??

      They encounter a SEA MONSTER!! And maybe THIS could happen instead of them getting the treasure (like, the rivals win), but the discovery puts the research facility back on the radar, so they get the funding they need, after all??

      One character works at a pancake shop and gets in trouble for locking the rivals inside the kitchen because they eat all the pancakes?? (AND THEY DON’T LEAVE A TIP!!!)

      None of these have to happen, and they’re in no particular order! UGHGHGHG I DON’T KNOW?!

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