The Case of the Odd Poll Results

I am terribly sorry for how slowly the collab is running! I’m not the best at organisation, and I’d imagined the six collab members to be pretty active on this blog.

Voting is officially over… and we got 21 votes…

Ahem. Well, we’ll just have to make do with those 21 votes. With three votes each, the winners – yes, plural – are:

  • [Nireth] After finding a mysterious rod of glass wrapped in tinfoil in his/her grandmother’s attic, the protagonist begins to have strange thoughts and dreams–dreams that don’t seem to be his/hers. He/she connects the dreams to the strange artifact and unravels a great mystery behind his grandmother’s life, death, and his own family heritage.
  • [Nicola] Normal person goes on an excursion with the whole of their grade. They expected to have fun time on a three-week cruise, but instead got fed a meal of deep, dark trouble. Rumours of a kidnapper on board and bad weather throw the passengers into turmoil. Can the person and her/his friends stop a kidnapping with the help of a few energy bars and smarts?

Now, what do you do when you tie? You… do another poll, of course!

Please vote! I am expecting 6 votes in total. ^^


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