Character Sign-Ups for “Untitled Story”!

So, you probably remember the other two or three sign-ups I made but didn’t do anything with the characters, right? This time is different, because I know that it is possible for me to finish a novel. But I’m finding it a little hard to find inspiration. Therefore, these sign-ups have a twist!

One of the things I will get you to fill in is “Status”. Now, these statuses will give me inspiration for the story (hopefully). Your status could be anything. What I mean by “Status” is the status in relation to the main character (whom I have yet to imagine). Examples: flatmate, classmate, mailman, housekeeper, boss, etc. Or, you could be more imaginative (which I want you to be!!) and do things such as: principal’s boyfriend, online stalker, cashier at the cinema, local drug dealer, boarding school caretaker, etc.

Your Statuses will define the story and the main character! Anyway, click ‘more’ for the sign-up form!









Extra Info:

Random Song For Inspiration!:


Okay, I think I’ll fill out the form for the MC now.

Name: Marie-Claire Renaud (usually shortened to Marie)

Age: 15-16

Ethnicity: Half-French, half-American

Status: N/A, as she is the MC

Appearance: Very pale skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes, pretty face but one that many eyes would simply pass over (so, not pretty enough to gain attention). Slender figure, likes to wear whatever is clean and within reach.

Personality: She’s a very feisty, independent girl and it’s very hard to make friends with her, as she has put up a few walls. She has a witty and sharp tongue and tries not to draw attention a lot. She’s competitive when challenged, but mostly she’s a quiet girl unless confronted. She prefers to sit in the local library and read books. She has average grades and is quick to judge people.

Talents: She can read very fast and climbs trees like a monkey. And she is the Queen of Witty Arguments.

Extra Info: She has an odd fondess for bananas, completing her image as a monkey. She hates pavlova and stoic people creep her out (though I don’t know if this will ever be relevant to the story). And she has a pet turtle, named Aurélie. Oh yeah, she can’t speak French because she hasn’t seen her parents since she was four. But your statuses might determine why this is so!

Random Song For Inspiration!: All The Rowboats by Regina Spektor


  • You may create more than one character. In fact, I encourage this!
  • They can be as minor or as major as you want.
  • Be creative with your Statuses, but I still need some normal ones (normal ones are like classmate, etc.)!


  • Marie-Claire – MC
  • Chloe – drug dealer
  • Henry – shark trainer
  • Lark – classmate
  • Avalon – class clown
  • Winnie – archaeologist
  • Lucy – flatmate
  • James – flatmate
  • Vera – popular chick



21 thoughts on “Character Sign-Ups for “Untitled Story”!

  1. I dunno about this one… XD
    Name: Chloe. Just Chloe.

    Age: 25-26

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Status: Your friendly neighborhood drug dealer. (I had to. It was too tempting.) Whether she’s major or minor is your choice.

    Appearance: Average height, curvy, Messy Ke$ha-like Black hair at the roots, blonde at the ends from where she last dyed it, slightly tan, Brown, almost black eyes, ears are pierced several times, wears whatever she finds in a pile on the floor.

    Personality: Is actually pretty friendly, gives great advice, and won’t give your secrets away as long as you don’t give away hers.
    She lays low, but she’ll talk once she knows you aren’t of any threat and defiantely won’t rat her out to authorities.

    Talents: Well, she hasn’t been caught yet… Pretty fast, good jumper, Speaks fluent Spanish.

    Extra Info: Little is known about her past. And no, she won’t tell you much- if anything about it.

    Random Song For Inspiration!: Sail by AWOLNATION. Watch the Nanalew music video if you want some entertainment.

  2. Ohh, how fun! ^^ I hope you don’t mind my filling one out!

    Name: Henry Hughes

    Age: 18-19

    Ethnicity: Of Irish and African descent

    Status: Shark Trainer at the local aquarium

    Appearance: Milk-chocolate colored skin; semi-long dark, wiry hair; thin, athletic build (like a runner); intelligent brown eyes (With a bit of a mischievous glint to them!)

    Personality: Clever and witty, can find something funny in every situation; loves taking risks, impulsive sometimes, but can be cautious when he knows there’s real trouble; loves to pull pranks, can be quite impish sometimes! He is also quite clever and loves a good puzzle.

    Talents: He’s very optimistic and is very good at cheering people up; he’s very charming and can convince people to do/feel stuff (But nothing drastic, of course! He can just calm them down when they’re freaking out or something.); He’s got pretty good problem solving abilities and is a quick thinker.

    Extra Info: His interest in sharks started when his father (an Irish fisherman) used to tell him stories of great monsters that roamed the seas. He dreamed of finding them all his childhood, but figured sharks were the closest he could get at the moment, so he settled for those.

    Random Song For Inspiration!: World of Stone by Blackmore’s Night (I LOVE THIS SOOONG DKFJ!! It may not be quite relevant, though ^^”)

    1. Henry seems interesting!! I never would have thought of a shark trainer… Maybe one day the Loch Ness Monster can magically appear in one of the shark tanks and eat all the sharks and Henry. Sounds fun!

  3. Name: Lark Alyssa Brooks

    Age: 16-17

    Ethnicity: 1/8th Brittish, 1/8th Korean, 3/4ths American

    Status: An egg-headed classmate

    Appearance: Black-brown hair that looks copper in direct sunlight. It’s a tiny bit wavy. Warm brown eyes with flecks of gray. She has pale skin because she likes to stay inside. She’s pretty but blends in, and fit because she carries around a laptop and books wherever she goes, and she rides her bike to the library.

    Personality: Clever and an egghead. Ignorance drives her crazy. Whenever someone is just talking and they say the wrong fact she cuts in and corrects them. She’s nice but she’s good at trolling people.

    Talents: Reading, making stories on short notice, using her computer, trolling, and carrying books.

    Extra info: She likes My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, and dozens of other books. She’s allergic to tomatoes. Also, she holds an annual Harry Potter or Percy Jackson party at her house, and no one likes to watch Harry Potter with her because she keeps pointing out stuff that didn’t happen in the books. She has a Lark names Air, and a Cockapoo named Cindy, a Pomapoo named Sugar, a Maltipoo named Blaire, a Coton de Tulear named Lacy, a Havanese named Hope, and a Bichon Frise named Lily Brooke.

    Random song for inspiration: Hedwig’s theme

  4. Name: Avalon ‘Ava’ Tiffany Wright

    Age: 16

    Ethnicity: 1/2 Brittish, 1/2 American

    Status: The class clown

    Appearance: Layered choppy blonde/hot pink hair. Each layer has a different color than the 2 next to it. It goes like- (up to down) blonde, hot pink, blonde, hot pink, blonde. She has bright blue eyes, and fair skin with freckles.

    Personality: Spunky, like a Fred/George/Thalia/Sadie mix. She’s a prankster , and a master at trolling. She has a lot of common sense but she pretends not to.

    Talents: Pranking and and acting mental.

    Extra info: She has two border collies: Sadie and Thalia, and two hamsters: Fred and George. She also has a bunny named Saige.

    Random song for insperation: Tongue Tied by Group Love

    1. Oh, and if you pay her 5 dollars and give her some eggs you can get her to throw the eggs at just about anybody. At 10 she’ll put ice down somebody’s shirt, and at 15 she’ll play a prank on your choice. At 20 she’ll TP anybody, and at 30 she’ll bake you brownies or cookies and make some lemonade.

  5. I really like the idea of a status! Unfortunately, I am awful at ones that are kind of imaginative unless I go waaay out, so you may have to interpret it as the author! I hope mine is okay!

    Name: Winnie Castillo

    Age: 23

    Ethnicity: Native American and Hispanic background

    Status: The aspiring archaeologist in love with the one person keeping her from taking on the world (it can be any random person, even some character never mentioned by name at all!)

    Appearance: Olive toned skin, large and bright brown eyes, thin, choppy, and long brown hair, tall height and average build, calloused hands and bruises and cuts here and there from her frequent mini adventures and escapades.

    Personality: Intelligent, sensible, loyal, ambitious, curious, brave, adventurous, decisive, generous, considerate – but also inflexible, pessimistic, unrealistic, scattered, reckless, guarded, and distant.

    Talents: Academics — she’s very smart. She’s also great at getting herself into sticky situations.

    Extra Info: Your first impression of Winnie would most likely be that she is a simple and level-headed girl who knows exactly what she’s doing in life. In fact, fresh out of university, she’s very idealistic about ideas and opinions of the world. Her greatest ambition is to study archaeology, but after finding herself in (insert town here) she can’t seem to find her way out — she’s always making puppy faces after (insert male here) and she’s much too desperate for his attention to really get on her feet again.

    Random Song For Inspiration!: On My Own, perhaps — gosh, I don’t know! ^^; I tried to style herself as a mixture of Eponine and Enjolras! Maybe Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon?

  6. Name: Lucy Markson

    Age: 16-17

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Status: Flatmate

    Appearance: Messy, black hair, tensed and thinking expression, grey eyes. Always wears whatever suits the occasion – usually a long coat because cold weather is awesome and will appear for the majority of the story.

    Personality: She is usually quiet and keeps to herself, but not because she’s shy. No, mostly it’s because she’s immersed in a book or staring at a bunch of odd photos. But when she’s free to socialise, you realise that she’s actually very interesting to talk to. Her personality isn’t very… “defined”, though. She’s a realist, and passionate about science.

    Talents: Science, academics in general, lying and keeping secrets.

    Extra Info: Not much, really, except that she keeps lots of secrets. Marie doesn’t mind, as long as it doesn’t affect her. Oh, and Marie is living in Lucy’s flat, not the other way around.

    Random Song For Inspiration!: Mon Loup – Laura Cahen

  7. Name: James Markson

    Age: 23

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Status: The Other Flatmate/Lucy’s Brother/The Guy Winnie Lusts After

    Appearance: Handsome. Very, very handsome. Hair almost white, pale skin but somehow not unattractively so, grey eyes like Lucy, kind of gives off a… gracefulness. I don’t know. (Girls: omg asdfghjkl; ur eyes are, liek, a stormy sea, and i can see ur soul underneath those treacherous waves omg omg. Marie + Lucy: your eyes are grey. Period.)

    Personality: Awfully secretive, just like his sister. He’s usually going out to parties and things, so he’s hardly ever at home. He’s smart and a realist, and he hates that girls lust after him simply because of his looks. So he tries to avoid them as much as he can. But his still likes being with friends, so that’s why he goes to the parties.

    Talents: Lying, keeping secrets, maths, the piano.

    Extra Info: He plays piano. Obviously.

    Random Song For Inspiration!: Thrift Shop yo

  8. Name: Vera Hollender

    Age: 19 – 20

    Ethnicity: Russian (but no accent)

    Status: a popular chick Marie sees at school but doesn’t really talk to, until Vera gets a job at the library or bookstore Marie frequents and they bond over that just because Vera’s not usually the person you’d associate with reading.

    Appearance: blond bob, corkscrew curls. Average height, definitely not skinny, but not fat – curvy, wide hips, defined cheekbones, full lips, does her makeup cat-eyed. She has a vast, bold shoe collection & puts a lot of thought into her outfit. Her style is practical, yet trendy.

    Personality: very competitive, snappy, loud, outgoing, not good at putting herself in other people’s shoes, bold, stubborn, makes friends quickly, persistent, humble, judging.

    Talents: acting, running..does socializing count?

    Extra Info: She works really hard, is very competive, but despite her work she’s fluxuating a little above the average line in academics, but not enough to raise heads. She’s alright at all sports, rocks at field hockey. She’s honest, and will lay everything she’s thinking out. If your shirt is ugly, she’ll tell you, even if the truth hurts.

    Random Song For Inspiration!: hmm..I’m coming up blank so just turn on your favorite Pandora station and use the first song that comes up!

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