(the comic really doesn’t have anything to do with my post, I just thought it’d be an amusing addon! 8))

2013 rolls on by and 2012 is another year stamped in history books that tell of so many things!

We, as the human civilization, we are far from perfect! But never lose hope because there are good people and you are one of them!

I think as human beings we are prone to giving up, disappointment, cynicism, melancholy.  We can feel alone and unhappy — and it’s not wrong to feel these things!

Keep your dreams! Reach high and don’t think of falling because I believe in you!

But what I want you to know is that you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are talented! There is someone who loves you and cares about you and please, I ask of you! When you are desolate, please remember this. If you are upset with yourself in any way, disregard what your mind tells you and realize that flaws and chips show a strong person who has healed. You hold so many talents that can open so many possibilities and you need not be afraid of failure or rejection. They are not permanent endings; they are there to get you back on your feet because I know you can do it!!

You are not a bad person. You are not worthless, unsuccessful, good at nothing, or any negative connotation you apply to yourself. Whatever you think you are, you are worthy and deserving of love and hope. You can step up and grab the stars that come by — and I know that many will shoot through 2013! You can accomplish so much!

You don’t have to cure cancer or invent flying cars to be a good and shining person!

Remember that the world is beautiful as you open your eyes to it! You are beautiful, and I genuinely hope you open your eyes to yourself and all the opportunities that you can rise and take! May 2013 be a wonderful year! It is as good as you make it, and I know you will make it great!

I thank you all for being such fabulous, fabulous friends! May 2013 bring you joy and brilliance!


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  1. Oh my Rowling, I almost cried! Thank you for such an inspiring post. I’m all motivated for Year 9 now. (:

    Best luck to everyone. May your year be filled with social outings, good grades, awesome songs and books, conversations with your crush and impeccable health! May you never have stomach cramps! May you not be yelled at by a teacher!

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