Hello my dearies

How are you all on this lovely day? Well it’s lovely outside. It’s looks lovely but it’s freezing. Oh well.

I found this on my tumblr dashboard and Miss Rainfall said you guys might like it! It’s a color hue test!

*Click here!*

I scored a 15 and wasn’t quite paying attention to the colors I was worse at and I really don’t feel like taking it again! ^^

I got some more iTunes gift cards for Christmas (along with a new bowling bag! YAY!), and I plan on getting the first album of The Airborne Toxic Event.

Did I tell you guys I bowl? Well I bowl for my high school and I bowl tournaments and leagues. I bowled for fun last night at a bowling alley I used to hate, and now I love it! It was very fun and my score never dipped below 160! I’m in a writing mood, so I might write some more 8OS… Not that anyone reads it except Jess. 😀 I don’t mind, it’s fun.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year, and goes and sees Rise of the Guardians 😀


7 thoughts on “Hello my dearies

  1. Hehe, it really is a fun test though my score wasn’t perfect by any means! At least I got my lucky number! 8D

    Wowee, iTunes gift cards really are some of the best gifts you can get!

    Bowling has never been a strong suit of mine but I think it’s great that you’re so into it and talented!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been reading up on 8 of Spades as of late, I suppose it’s harder now that I don’t really have a dA ^^;

    But I hope you have a great New Year’s too!

  2. I’m going to do that test sometime later!

    My Christmas presents consisted of two iTunes cards from my half-sister all the way on the other side of Australia.

    I would read 8OS if I knew where to find it!!! ;(

    Happy New Year :B

  3. We took that test at Ringling for 2D design!! (I was NOT good at that class! ^^”) There were like SOOO many kids in my class that scored a 0! My score got better!! I got 14 at Ringling, but only an 8 now! ^^

    Whooaaa, that sounds like a SICK christmas! ^^

    Congrats on your bowling score! That’s AMAZING!! I don’t think my bowling score’s ever gone above a 50! ^^”

    YES SEE RotG!!!! D: For some reason it’s not doing well and we need to fix that!!!

    1. It’s my first time seeing it, and I got a 15, I’m happy with it. ^^

      It was really fun! And I practice bowling sooooooooooo much.


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