Happy New Year (almost!!)

As 2012 draws to a close, now is a good time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions! I, despite being ever disorganised, have compiled a list:

  • Be nicer to everyone
  • Write another novel
  • Do your homework on time
  • Put school before Internet-land
  • Stop curling up under the sheets with your phone pressed to your face at night
  • Proceed well with piano lessons
  • Stop being so gluttonous!

That’s basically it.

Also, I went to my friend’s birthday party today and me and nine others went shopping. It was fun! I got an owl top, some Vans lookalikes, an iPhone case that reads “there’s more to life than reading books” (so that I can shove it Gabby’s face) and a hotdog.

I also learned that I cannot proofread to save my life.

I’d written some big message on the birthday card, and I’d read it five times before deeming it fine, but then everybody immediately pointed out my fail in the very first sentence, which I hadn’t even noticed. I’ve looked back at TSW and facepalmed with all these mistakes I simply skimmed over.

Oh, by the way, have you guys ever looked back at your first posts and died with embarrassment because how immature you were back then?

Well, I just did that.

Au revoir!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year (almost!!)

  1. Ohh, everything on your list sounds like such a great goal!! My resolutions will probably less than HALF that ambitious, and I still won’t be able to keep them ^^”

    Whoaaa, it sounds like you got some cool stuff shopping!!

    Aww proofreading-shmoofreading. Mistakes are sooo much more fun, and so much more genuine!

    Oh my goodness all the time!? I used to be SO RUDE OH MY GOSH. Like someone would be like, ‘Help, I’m sad!’ and I’d be like, ‘Bad stuff happens, get over it.’!?!?!?! I wish I could slap my past self in the face!!

  2. I have very little resolutions because I honestly never keep up with them, but I wish you tons of luck to stick with yours the way I never did!

    Shopping can be so much fun when you get awesome stuff like that 8)

    Don’t worry about it!! To quote the great Neil Gaiman,“Picking up your first copy of a book you wrote, if there’s one typo, it will be on the page that your new book falls open to the first time you pick it up.” But mistakes are okay because it shows we are human!

    iJSKLAfkhjh2rihnj please don’t remind me oh myk gaioihdfue @______@ I was honestly such a naive drama queen who was soooo insensitive and I literally acted like either a pessimistic busybody or a way too moody Pinkie Pie and ohgosh it physically hurts to think about it!!!

    But I think we all go through phases like that, so it’s okay! ^^; (though I really would like to erase all traces of my 10 and 11 year old self…!!!)

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