Two New Lanyards and a New Friend


And I was SUPER excited because they had Rise of the Guardians Merchandise!! Dreamworks sold the rights to Blockbuster for… some reason?? I LOVE Dreamworks, but their marketing is, uh… WAY sub-par! (But it’s kind of hard when you’re comparing it to the Disney Machine!)

But we went to the mall and met this man with a young (maybe five- or four-year old) daughter, and they had NO IDEA AT ALL that Rise of the Guardians existed! My mom was talking to him about it because his daughter sounded EXACTLY like Sophie! She ran by laughing and I was like, “That sounds like Sophie!”

We were shopping for my sister at Aeropostale, so I was really bored. So I started playing around with the little girl! She had a crown on, so I bowed and was like, “Oh, it’s a princess!”

And then we went on a TON of adventures! I fought off a monster, got a squirrel an acorn that he couldn’t reach, and rescued a baby tiger! And THEN we caught her cat that was loose in the store and restored all the colors to the rainbow (A star on one of the shirts had stolen them!). It was really fun!

But ANYWAY, we were at the mall because we were waiting for my sister to finish shopping with her friend. My mom and I WERE going to see Lincoln, but it was completely sold out! So we had a TON of time to kill.

In that time, we went… BLOCKBUSTER HUNTING!! I wanted to get something super special for my friend because she got me this MEGA AWESOME GIFT:



So I got her a Jack Frost Lanyard!! But I couldn’t help but get some more stuff for myself ^^”

A Tooth Lanyard and Card!



And a Jack Lanyard and Card!


And I though the gift cards they had were SOOO COOOL! So we got one and only put five dollars on it (There aren’t any Blockbusters near us!)



Yes yes yes it was a VERY good day! ^^


4 thoughts on “Two New Lanyards and a New Friend

  1. The mythical Blockbuster! Legend tells that their large and looming areas were once abundant, but only the luckiest of adventurers find their temples nowadays…

    Okay, just kidding, but there really aren’t any in my area anymore!

    But what a lovely little girl! She sounds so much fun to be around with and have adventures with!

    Your necklace is so pretty! I love how Jack’s stick looks like a scrumptious candy cane 8)

    Wow, though, those items really are great!

    1. Oh, I know! Once a thriving civilization, the ruins of the Blockbuster civilizations can sometimes be seen in run-down strip malls, their rows and rows of empty white shelves gathering cobwebs and dust.

      Oh, I know! She was adorable, and sooo imaginative!

      Yes!! If ONLY DREAMWORKS WOULD PUT THEIR MERCHANDISE IN NOT-DEAd STORES!? Like seriously EVERYTHING for Rise of the Guardians is BEAUTIFUL. But there’s not much of it! TT_TT

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