Hurr Durr…

Sorry I haven’t really posted… I was busy with school and stuff.

So my mom recorded something that was of curiousity and interest to her on the DVR. And I couldn’t believe my eyes on what I saw- Doctor Who. So we played the episodes that she recorded. We started off with two episodes, but that became five in no time when my mom kept on looking on the TV guide for more episodes. We watched it totally out of order, but we didn’t mind. But what I did mind was that the first episode we watched was “The Angels Take Manhatten”. My first episode was a Weeping Angels episode. *shudders* That episode was so sad T_T! Then we saw “The Snowmen”, and continued the curiousity through “The God Complex”, “Closing Time”, and “The Wedding of River Song”. Now, we’re pretty much curious and hooked.

But… holy cow, those angels were creepy.

Christmas was cool! I got some new art supplies (yay!), clothes, video games, DVDs, books, makeup, and some other stuff.

And now, I got something to tell the Percy Jackson fans out there…

…there is still hope in the movie franchise.

There has been a bunch of changes comparing Lightning Theif to Sea of Monsters:

1) New Director- Chris Columbus has been replaced by Thor Freudenthal (who directed the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie).

Thor Freudenthal Picture

2) Alexandra Daddario, the actress for Annabeth, has dyed her hair blond for her role!

Alexandra Daddrio Annabeth Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters movie

3) Clarisse will be in it!!! Finally! The actress will be Leven Rambin (who played Glimmer in the Hunger Games). This part I’m a little concerned about. Leven is BLOND. I hope she dyed her hair brunette for the part…

Leven Rambin Picture

4) The actor for Chiron has been replaced by Anthony Head!

Anthony Head Picture

5) Kronos’ sarcophagus finally makes an appearance!

Jake Abel Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters movie

6) Mr. D’s in it too! He will be played by Stanley Tucci!

Stanley Tucci Picture

There’s still hope for the Percy Jackson movies, peeps! There’s still hope!

BT out!


4 thoughts on “Hurr Durr…

  1. Oh, wow!! That sound sooo fun!! ^^ I got my family into Once upon a Time, and watching movies or TV is always more fun with your family! ^^

    O: Yay!! I’m glad you had a great christmas! ^^

    Wow, it sounds like they’re putting a lot of effort into this one!! I never saw the first movie, but I had a lot of friends that didn’t like it 😦 But I have picky friends!! ^^”

  2. I’m glad you started watching Doctor Who OMR you surely must continue! I personally like seasons 1-4 better than 5-7, so I definitely suggest working from the first revival season up to the most recen episodes! 8D

    But I totally agree, Blink is what got me started — the angels are absolutely terrifying!

    I am super excited for SoM as well! It’s great to see they’re working on improving it! I saw some promo pics on Tumblr and no worries — Clarisse has brown hair! ^^

    Ohmygoodness Anthony Head and Stanley Tucci — fabulous actors 8))))))))))

  3. The Weeping Angels are so creepy, I can’t look at statues in the same way again. And I’m pretty excited about his new companion.

    Glad you had a nice Christmas. 🙂 My favorite gift was a pair of furry boots.

    Ohmygosh, it might actually follow the plot this time. I’m so excited.

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