Today I learned the hard way not to run in a parking lot!!

It went down kind of like this:






I skinned both my elbows and one of my knees THROUGH MY JEANS AND SWEATSHIRT!!!

But it was actually pretty fun!! ^^”

Also Poptropica is like 500% cooler now, LOOK!!!



Also I just got back from seeing Rise of the Guardians again and my friend told me I’d be A GREAT TOOTH!!! And she’s like the fifth person that told me that!! I’m sorry, I’m just REALLY EXCITED because she’s AWESOME 8D (I get a lot of “You look like Merida!”s, too!!)

Has anyone ever told you you look like a cartoon character? If so, which one?




12 thoughts on “Graceful

  1. Ouch, that looks painful! D:

    I’ve been neglecting Poptropica. 😦

    Someone once told me I look like Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I can only hope it was a joke! :/

    1. It was actually pretty fun!!

      Neglecting it is better than spending too much time on it! I still have like 50 sewing projects to do, but I keep logging on!! D:

      I bet they were joking!! You are too nice and pretty to be like Ursula AT ALL!!

  2. Ouch! That looked like it hurt.

    I think I spend a little too much time in Poptropica- I’m kinda addicted. SVI isn’t helping; I just finished it for the 15th time- the equal number of times I completed Mythology on my account!

    I’ve never been compared to a cartoon character, but one time, the middle school band composer compared me to Brooke Shields o.o I don’t think I really could compare to her…

    1. O: Oh wow!! A lot of the islands are pretty epic!!

      15 finishes!? That’s incredible!! But you are right at home in those storylines, you’ve got demigod-hero in your DNA!

      Oh wow!! Brooke Shields is awesome!! ^^ And I’m sure the compliment was well deserved!

  3. Aw what cute pictures! I’m sorry about falling though! D8

    If it makes you feel any better, this is me walking around anywhere at any time 8)

    Oh my goodness, what a lovely question! Poptropica earns 100 awesome points, yay!

    That’s great! It must be fantastic to be compared to such amazing characters! 8D

    1. O: Oh my gosh if I walked like that I would be SOO PLEASED!! That’s like the best way to walk ever!! And really cute GIF AWWW MY GOSH!! ^^

      I know right!? I was like, “OHHH YESSSSS!!!”

      It is, and every time I’m just like, “oh gosh uhh thanks” and I don’t know what to say!!

      I personally think you remind me of Applejack, because you’re fierce, hardworking, and loyal. But you’re also like Mulan in that you do what you have to do to help your friends, and you’re super brave and inventive!! And you’re also fun and silly, but also kind, just like Jack Frost!! You are like a GAJILLION AMAZING CHARACTERS!! And I hope people tell you that!! ^^

  4. Ouch, I’ve done that before. And I wasn’t even trying to do something awesome like leap over a bush in a parking lot- I just tripped and fell in front of everyone on a walkway near the school before a band competition.

    I haven’t been on Poptropica in months… But that looks really cool.

    Whoa, you get compared to the most amazing characters. ^_^

    I’ve never been compared to any sort of character lookwise. This face sure is…something. XD How ’bout personality?

    1. Aww, I’m sorry that happened!! It sounds awful! D:

      I didn’t log onto Poptropica for a while, but I REALLY started going on a lot when I had to study for exams… HMMMM…

      Awww gurl I’m sure your face is gorgeous!! If no one compared you to anyone it’s because you’re TOO PRETTY for those characters!!

      You remind me a lot of Astrid, because you’re athletic and competitive, but fair and kind at the same time! And Merida, too! You’re athletic and talented, but you don’t let it get to your head!!

      1. I still have the scars… I feel so stupid when I’m asked about them, especially when I get to the ‘I ran in heels’ part of my explanation.

        That sounds like something I would do.

        I don’t have any pictures of myself on my iPod… Yeah, I have self-esteem issues with my face.

        Really? Aww. But I couldn’t use a bow and arrow like Merida without shooting someone in the face/knee/foot/etc. -Badaim-

        1. Don’t feel stupid!! Oh my gosh I can’t even WALK in heels, let alone run in them!!

          O: OHMY GOSH NOOOO!!! You should be proud of your face!! ^^ I’ve never seen it, but just the fact that you’re not all like, “Ummm yah my face is perf. thankx” tells me that you’re beautiful! ^^

          I think you could!! And besides, that’s good! Shoot to maim, not to kill!! (And the first time I fired a bow and arrow I shot it over the fence into my neighbor’s yard ^^”)

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