Hello guys! This is a reminder to submit your presents for the Secret Santa before the 24th at night.

I don’t mean to rush anyone! ^^; But only 2 people have submitted presents at this point.

Remember that you can ask me any question and I will help the the best of my ability!

Hope you guys are having fun with this!

See you, now, I’ve got to compile five photos for the challenge (the most recent ones are cat photos ^^;) and remove a meteor from our roof!

EDIT: Three presents in! Thanks, guys! These are all amazing and I look forward to the rest. 😉


3 thoughts on “Reminder!

  1. OK, I’ve got my presents just about finished!! I’m so sorry I’m lagging so far behind; the PJ pants kind of threw me out of my groove ^^” I sewed for two solid days!

    But it is so fun!! Thank you for organizing this!! ^^

    O: A meteor on your roof!? HOLY COW that’s actually pretty sweet!! ^^

    Thanks for the reminder, and I promise I’ve got stuff coming! ^^

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