xD I don’t ever post and then I do super boring posts and it’s just like blegh.

Anyway, if I don’t already follow you on tumblr, please tell me your url! 😀


So today we counted attendance at school. There’s over 2,500 people at my school.

And a grand total of 803 showed up.

Yes, I’m totally, completely, no-Shiz-University serious. Less than a turd of the school showed up.

So I was thinking today (suspend your disbelief). A turd of the school showed up. And two-turds didn’t show up. Well, the two-turds that didn’t show up are turds for not showing up. But then I thought about it even more (suspend your disbelief further). Maybe the one-turd that did show up are the real turds for not staying home. But wouldn’t that make us all turds? And therefore, the logic follows that we might not be turds at all. This haunted me during French class, as I thought about it instead of paying attention.


So, I suppose I deserve it. My teacher, instead of saying “stupid” as “stu-pid”, says “sshhhhhhhhhh-tew-pid”. And I was sort of mocking her. xD I regret nothing.

BUT she was teaching us and I don’t know what happened. One moment I was listening about epic heroes and the next, I was off in my OTP fantasyland. Anyway, the teacher clapped her hands, said “Get tew work,” and everyone had a pageful of notes. I only had the title.

Notes about Epic Heroes

Well, obviously, the teacher walked around to see our progress and my page was blank. OH TOO BAD FOR ME. But it involved public humiliation.

Anyway, that’s all my spamming for right now! 😀


2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. I think we follow each other!! ^^ I love tumblr!

    OMT. I would have skipped school if I could have ^^”

    Whoa… that’s like… mind bending turd logic right there!!

    I’m sorry about your public humiliation! D: But it’s funny she says shtewpid!! ^^ My physics teacher always says “no” like, “Nyyeoow…” and he trails it off forever, it’s so funny!

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