iPod Picture Challenge

Okay, guys! I challenge you all to go to your iPod/iPhone/thing with pictures in it and post the last five pictures you feel comfortable sharing (xD if you don’t feel comfortable posting a picture of your bloody toe, then don’t post it). You also don’t have to post pics of the same thing (i.e. two pictures of your bloody toe). I have a very high comfortability (if that’s a word) level with all of you guys, so I’ll probably post some pretty embarrassing pictures. Okay, here we go!

Picture 1:



This picture was taken today, during seventh period, my last period. 😉 Computer class! The teacher gave us all treats. Lookit my epic snowman candy cane. And lookit my weird hand. xD And lookit the computer and the mouse off in the distance.


Picture 2:



xD Ahhh… Well… This is a screenshot. Someone wanted me to show them how many ‘Low Score’ updates I could get in a week and I showed them. In my defense, I’ve been busy wasting time doing very important, highly productive things. I had a punch of pictures of the candy canes so I skipped them all. xD So, yes, bask in my amazing grades.


Picture 3:



Umm… didn’t feel like taking notes the other day. Didn’t do the assignment, anyway.


Picture 4:



Totally from tumblr. 😀 This is a Glinda from the National Tour of Wicked. xD This shirt actually says a lot. Glinda can go up to an optional double high G which is just amazing. And I still struggle with that high G. Oh well. I’ll be wearing this shirt someday.


Picture 5:



That’s just a Wicked promo shot from the Helsinki production (in Finland). I love the original design, but the Helsinki was the first non-replica design of Wicked, and it was just as amazing as the original Wicked. Glinda’s actually in a real bubble, as opposed to the thick metal hoop. There’s no bubbles coming out of it but it lights up in neon lights. The Thank Goodness scene resembles Evita the musical even more than the original production. I love it!

Done with my pic spam! Hope you enjoyed a look into my iPod! 😀




3 thoughts on “iPod Picture Challenge

  1. What an interesting challenge! I’ll definitely take this up!

    Yum, looks delicious!

    Aw, don’t feel bad about your low scores! They really don’t say anything about real intelligence. 8)

    Hehe, electronics sure are useful for notes.

    Ooh! Wicked used to be my favorite musical until I discovered StarKid. But it brings up tons of memories!

    Best of luck on your high G!

  2. OMT I will have to do this!! Although I only have boring pictures ^^”

    Aww, what a cute treat!! I always feel bad when I get those because I can never bring myself to eat them.

    You grades ARE good, I think!! And as someone who tends to slack off (I fell asleep during two math tests this year!!) I totally understand!

    Ahaha, that’s a good idea!! I hate having to write everything down! ^^”

    O: Oh WOW!! That’s insane!! Is the double G two octaves from middle C?? I think that’s, like, an opera note or something!! I’m sure you’ll get it!

    Both girls in that picture are GORGEOUS!! OMT

    1. I’m sure you have fantastical pictures! 😀

      I think the G just above the staff is called a high G, since just a G is the G on the staff. But people call stuff differently so I get confusified. The double high G would be the G two notes above high E. Opera, I agree! I admire anyone who can sing it!

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