iPhone Picture Challenge + Pen Pal

Super Thunder’s challenge accepted.

The last pictures on my phone are of my book, so I’ll do the ones before them.

photo 1

So this one was of the beach. I only need to cross one road to get there. :3

photo 2

Some cool mushrooms at Woolworths that I thought I should take a photo of…

photo 3

I was taking all these pictures of everyone in the class on the last day of school, but I chose only to post this one because it’s the only where you can’t properly see the school name.


My new piano/keyboard! It feels like the keys stretch on forever compared to my old one. I played on it for five hours yesterday.

photo 5

My billet for the French exchange trip! Eek! We’ve been exchanging emails for only two days. 😀 She’s so awesome! She plays guitar, so we can do duets. And when I go to France we can have picnics in the forest by the river (or at least that’s what I’m imagining). Her real name is Melody Mannhart. Isn’t that such a cute name?! (Melody has an acute e but I can’t be bothered to get the accent.)

“But Tintin hibernates now.” That was so cute! XD

I have yet to get a picture of her, but she has one of me, unfortunately.


4 thoughts on “iPhone Picture Challenge + Pen Pal

  1. Those mushrooms look epic!

    An ONLY five hours?! 😮 I think it’s a lot when I play the piano for five minutes. Hours? *shakes head* Not in this lifetime.

    :O That sounds epic! Melody sounds so nice! And I totally know which e you’re talking about. See, I’m smartified. xD

  2. Beaches are so delightful! (It’s just the heat and crowdedness that gets to me T___T) Although I love crisp cold air, it’s been getting pretty chilly here! I’d love to bask at a beach!

    Yum yum, I adore mushrooms. Mostly only button mushrooms, but those looks quite quirky!

    She seems super nice! I’m sure you guys will have the best of times in France!

  3. Whoaaa, that’s an awesome picture of the beach! ^^

    Those mushrooms are awesome!! Whoaaa!

    Aww, your school looks so nice!! We only have like small windows in each classroom, so I envy your lighting!!

    Ohh, I love your keyboard!! We have one, but it has stickers all over it ^^”

    Oh my gosh, she loves Harry Potter and has a turtle named TINTIN oh my gosh!! Melody seems sooo sweet!

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