Look! Look! Look!

Adopt one today!

I haven’t been on DC in ages! So today, I ventured on, and looked at my 5 Legendary Trio dragons. I thought, you know, I haven’t bothered to summon a GoN in a while. Perhaps I will!

And I didn’t have very high hopes since I’ve only summoned like, 5 times before, but it worked!

I got a Guardian of Nature egg!

I am so excited. @_________@ (for random pixel art that pretty much does nothing — but it’s shiny!)

Let’s hope I don’t abandon DC again and let it die — I seem to keep losing interest! D8


One thought on “ahhhhhhhhhh

  1. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOOOD That’s soooo awesome!! ^^

    WoWOWOWOW!! Congrats my friend!! ^^

    Ughh I know that feeling ^^” I don’t know, but for me website love always came in phases? Like I wouldn’t be able to live without it for a while, then I’d find some other site, then go back to the old one. Maybe because it’s hard to be loyal to all sorts of different sites? I have nooo idea!

    BUT YAY!! Omt that is soo exciting!

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