A 52k word novel won’t satiate my thirst to write… and now over to Pandora

Uh, hello there. Hehe. My name’s Pandora, and, um, I’d like to introduce myself to you all.

I’m sixteen years old and I come from the streets of London. It was 1945 before I went to sleep. And when I woke up people had never heard of 1945, or London. In fact, I’m now trapped in this city called Mir, which is so behind the technological advancements made in 1945 that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep my sanity.

It’s nice to meet you.

I am quite new to this whole “Battle of the Beings” thing. But someone told me that I’m a Being, even if I’m not exactly enthusiastic about the silly war going in the shadows. That someone told me I should never tell anyone I’m a Being. Which I think is great advice, seeing as the King and Queen have created a death penalty for anyone practicing magic. Sadly, the vague definition of a Being is a person with magic in his or her veins. I am fairly sure that telekinesis qualifies as a type of magical ability.

I have drab, brown hair. Boring blue eyes. Pale skin. But you should see me when the servants have their way with me… oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I’m in the care of the royal family and they don’t know about me being magical? Yeah, well, there you go. Organising bookshelves is the easiest time of the day for me.

My writer, Nicola, wishes to take that line for future use. She’s writing down my adventures in Mir for me. Frankly, I think she should get a move on and keep writing, but she’s being too lazy.

She would like me to tell you that even just 20 days after the end of her NaNoWriMo story, she is itching to keep writing. I have no complaints about that – she’s so behind on my adventures!

I must say that Mir Cave was probably the msot beautiful place I’ve visited since I woke up in a world entirely different to London. I hope to get to know you other Beings a bit more, and perhaps even be friends, before you start trying to sneak in my chamber and slit my throat.

It’s been nice chatting to you! See you later!


5 thoughts on “A 52k word novel won’t satiate my thirst to write… and now over to Pandora

  1. I can’t wait for your Pandora story. I can’t believe you still wanna write after NaNoWriMo… I’d probably quit writing forever after that. XD

    “Hey, Pandora,” Camille greeted, waving slightly, “My name’s Camille, daughter of Nut the sky goddess.”

  2. “Oh, Pandora, I hope you get used to Mir!! It’s quite a nice place, and it’s actually FAR more advanced from where I come from!

    “I’d LOVE to hear about your homeland–London, did you say? I’ve heard that they have machines that can tell you where you are in the world all by themselves! Is that true?

    “Haha, I’ve never known Nicola to be one to get tired of something she loves!! I know she’ll record your adventures as well as she can, and that they’ll be wonderful to read!”

    Nireth bobbed her head politely. “I’m sorry I’m in such a rush, I’ve just got to get going–this island’s always shifting, you know, and I’ve got to record what I can when I’m able! It was nice to meet you!

    “Oh, here, and take this!” Nireth tossed Pandora a gold coin with a tiny map on it. “It changes when I update this,” she held up an ancient-looking scroll, “so it should be mostly accurate! Good luck, friend!”

    1. “My, you’re awfully kind!” Pandora complimented with a smile. “Actually, we’ve only been dreaming about such a machine, but I’m sure that in the near future there’ll be something like that! For now, though, it’s only the year 1944.

      “Nicola deserves a kick, I think! She’s been procrastinating by writing FanFiction – whatever that is. She also told me she wrote her first angst fic and it slightly scared her. I hope she keeps going with my adventures soon!

      “Thank you so much! This should be a very helpful gift. See you later, Nireth.”

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