OK so I think I now have the coolest light fixture ever.



Also my friends and I went to McDonalds…


We asked for a Toothfairy and a Sandman, but they didn’t have them TT_TT Fortunately, though, they did have…


Also, I’m so happy–I think Jack Frost is finally at least paying a quick visit to Florida! My dad says there’s a cold front coming through,  which I cannot WAIT for. It’s been like 90 degrees down here, it’s crazy!

But now I have a 14-Chapter test to study for and I’m pretty sure I’m about to die oh god

But anyway, I hope you guys had great weekend!!



6 thoughts on “Ummmmm

  1. Wow, you DO have the coolest light fixture ever! I am so jealous of your ceiling decor, I only have lame paper cranes that keep falling (I think I have like 6 out of the original 12 left, I’m much too lazy to rehang them!), but I think I may just take inspiration from you!

    Little mini Jack! Adorbs.

    Good luck on your test! 8)

    1. Whoaaa, your paper cranes sound awesome though!!!

      I know right!? It literally made me so happy I jumped for joy!!

      Aha… as it turns out that test was the GUINEA PIG TEST that the AP people give us to see if the questions are too hard or not oh god it was a massacre TT_TT

  2. My fan has a dolphin on it… (I share a room with my sister, who adores dolphins.) Yours looks so much more amazing.

    I still haven’t seen Rise of the Guardians! Maybe I can convince my sister to come with me while she’s off for break. But she’ll probably want to see Breaking Dawn(as a joke), or Wreck it Ralph if it’s still there.

    It’s been in the 50-60 range here. I’d like to keep it that way, I absolutely hate cold weather…

    Hope you got an A. 🙂

    1. Oh, dolphins are awesome!! Your fan sounds soo coool!!

      I hope you get to see it soon! Maybe you can watch all three movies over the break!

      It sounds like you’re having nice weather! ^^ And I hope it doesn’t get any colder!!

      Aww, thank you!! ^^

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