Last Minute ~

Hey, Nireth, Foxface. Would you guys like to make characters for A Game of Bloody Hearts? I know you guys didn’t make one and I feel a little bad so go ahead and make one if you like! Your characters probably won’t be introduced until chapter 4 or 5 depending on which house you choose. So go ahead! ^.^!

Age (15 or 16) :
Relationships with other characters:



4 thoughts on “Last Minute ~

    1. Name: Missy Smith
      Age (15 or 16): 15
      Appearance: Hair- Wavy, Bright Red(Think Rihanna) naturally Light Brown.
      Eyes- Blue. Height- 4’6. Style- Any top with glitter, short skirts with jeans/tights under them, high heels(in an attempt to make herself taller).
      Personality: Think super happy all the time. Missy loves people. She loves to talk and socialize. She’s hyper, ditsy, and a spaz.
      Weapon: Poison Darts
      House: Blue[Art]
      Weakness: She trusts everyone a little too much, is really gullible.
      Relationships with other characters?: Give her a boyfriend/crush if you wish.

      Found er’! 😀

  1. Oh, wow!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! ^^

    Feel free not to use him if you don’t want to!

    Name: Andrew Fonte

    Age (15 or 16) : 16

    Appearance: Average height, scrawny; thick, unruly dark hair; he looks kind of sickly: hollow eyes, very slight, etc.

    Personality: He’s very clever, but doesn’t apply himself; he’s a joker and hardly ever takes anything seriously. He’s enthusiastic when he does get into things, but he hardly ever finishes them; generally pretty nice, but when he’s peeved he’s PEEVED big time!

    Weapon: Because of his lack of strength, he generally tries to talk things out or wait for them to pass over, but when he has to he’ll fight with whatever he can get his hands on–desperate times call for desperate measures!

    House: Blue, but it used to be Red. He’s not really the artistic type, he’s just so unmotivated and unfocused he can’t succeed in any other house.

    Weakness: Short attention span, reckless decision making, he’s physically weak, pretty lazy; he can never tell the difference between the time for work and the time for play.

    Relationships with other characters: He’ll try to get along with everyone, but he generally doesn’t make friends with people who take themselves very seriously. He’s not really boyfriend material, but you can give him a girlfriend if you’d like!

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