Secret Santas will be sent out shortly!

Ahh, I know the date was supposed to be two days ago, but I totally forgot!! T___T I’m so sorry!

I’m super scatterbrained and have a really low attention span. ^^;

Things I will definitely get to:

  1. Commenting on all these posts!
  2. Sending out Secret Santa assignments!

I am currently on the generating site right this moment! Please check your emails soon! 8)

EDIT: After checking last year’s, it appears Nicola and Randy never got anything from their Santas — my deepest apologies, as I had not remembered this until now! These people are entitled to two gifts this year. If anyone would like to volunteer to be the one who gives them an extra, please shoot me an email! If no one wishes to, I will try my best to fill the space, though I am a little lacking in skill. ^^; Thanks a  bunch to those who have volunteered!

Also, it would be extremely helpful if you could respond to my email to verify that you have received and read it! ^^


One thought on “Secret Santas will be sent out shortly!

  1. OMT It’s totally OK!! The school year is wrapping up, and I’m pretty sure that everyone’s a bit fuzzy right now!!

    If you want any help organizing anything just let me know!!

    Thank you SOOO much for doing this!! ^^

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