We are talking about doing a group Rise of the Guardians costume thing!! I don’t know if it will actually work out since we all live pretty far away (We met at the Ringling College Sampler), but we’ll find a way to make it happen somehow!!

We have everybody but North and Pitch, and I am going to be…



It’s going to be really easy, but really awesome!! And I might double as Pitch, if I can find yellow contact lenses/figure out how to do the weird shadowy face effect!! I am sooo excited adlkfjlksjldk Anyway yes sorry for the spam ^^” But I am just SOOO EXCITED

But I had a quick question: Should I be normal Jamie or PJs Jamie?

Day Clothes Jamie:

I like his sweater
I like his sweater

PJs Jamie:

comfy pjs!!!
comfy pjs!!!

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