Hey hey hey everyone!

I know it has been a while since I have posted here but whatever.

Sorry, about changing my gravater so much xD.

School Life

Life’s been real weird lately. Like really crazy.

So, I liked my best friend let’s call him David. Well, some girl and her big mouth started telling everyone so he found out.

Same thing happened to my friend. So yeah he hasn’t really talked to me that much anymore. And when he texts me it is like a victory for me. So yeah.

It isn’t that great and I miss talking to him normally.

Also, I have so many projects. IT ISN’T FUNNY. Science Fair, Contemporary Artist, Oral History and Scrapbook TT_TT Thanks a lot 8th grade.


Well, there are so many awesome new animated movies! Well, one good thing of 2012! 😀

This movie looks great! I was watching part of it and I really enjoyed it! I was also reading the synopsis and it sounds amazing! No spoilers hehehe. Hopefully, I will be able to watch the whole thing :3

I have watched numerous trailers and I have wanted to watch this SO badly. It is such a creative idea!

I have heard this movie is really and good and I am really excited to see it tomorrow! May I mention Jack Frost is like super cute. Oh fictional men. They will always be better than real life men! Without a doubt! The elves are so cute too xD.


Why must 2013 be so cruel?

On tumblr every Hunger Games blog is filled with pictures of the cast and I am just so excited! It looks like it is going to be amazing! The first movie was really good well for a movie based off of a book! Except that they cut out Madge which honestly disappointed me! But still I am really excited for this! Now, I see that the cast is PERFECT! Well, if Grant Gustin were Finnick I would have been a lot happier but hey Sam Claflin is doing a great job.

I heard they were cutting out Annie TT_TT They can’t do that. It showed that Finnick was not just a capitol doll! It gave his character depth!

Green Day

So I took my time today to listen to all of Uno and Dos by Green Day.

I fell in love. It is such a great album. The song that really stuck out to me was “Oh Love.” But I loved all of the songs though Uno was definitely my favorite c:

I would have embedded the music video but it is really weird stuff so yeah TT_TT But it is still a great song and I am most definitely going to save up my allowance for a nice gift card to buy this album then Dos then Coldplay and all my other music obsessions. Or I can just download it but it takes forever. I usually use it to download one song than a whole album.

Ok, well that was my sort of rantish post c: I hope you enjoyed it.

I am really scatterbrained so it helps to narrow my post to topics xD.

What do you all want for Christmas?

Well, I dont celebrate Christmas. (I have been called Scrooge. Ignorant people I am Buddhist) I get New Year’s presents! I am asking for a new phone or a camera and iTunes giftcards! Nothing crazy. But I really want a Nikon camera they are so nice =_= so expensive though.



9 thoughts on “#sorrynotsorry

  1. Wow, that thing with David really confuses me! What about your boyfriend??

    I am so behind on all these movies and books, it’s not even fair.

    I don’t really get Christmas presents but I still celebrate it. The reason is because my birthday is so close to Christmas that my parents only bother to get me birthday presents. I’m getting an xBox Kinect from my mum and I hope to get a whole load of books from my dad!

    1. Yep it’s crazy. I dont have one ^.^

      Nicola let’s get you caught up. You have a lot of movies and books too watch/read c:

      Well, I am Buddhist so yeah. Aw! I have always been glad to have a birthday in April! Ooh! books and a kinect! Sounds like some nice presents!

  2. Ugh, I’m sorry there’s so much drama!! It all sounds totally unfair! TT_TT

    I’m also sorry about all of your projects! It sounds like such a handful, yikes!!

    O: Brave IS amazing!! They storyline is so awesome and sweet, and the animation is just oh my thor.

    Wreck-it Ralph is SOOO great!! It’s a great movie to go see with your friends, and you got it totally on the nose–it’s so creative and fun!

    Rise of the Guardians. Is PERFECT. The animation is AMAZING–Jack’s frost? Sandy’s sand? Tooth’s feathers? I just can’t even take it, it’s all beautiful! And Santa/North is a TOTAL kick-butt character, as is Bunnymund!! Just all the characters are so loveable and great and warm and ahhh!! Except Pitch, of course, but his animation is FANTASTIC and he is undoubtedly one of the classiest villains ever! And it doesn’t hurt that the story is perfect and so cute and wonderful!

    Oh, that movie does look good!! I heard Sam Claflin was playing Finnick or something–he’s SUPER CUTE!!

    Ohh, that song is quite catchy!!

    I hope you get everything you want and more for New Year’s!! ^^

  3. Ooh gosh, Drama…

    Brave is amazing. I watched it again with my parents and they loved it, but I haven’t seen Rise of the Guardians or Wreck-It Ralph yet.

    I’m excited, too. B-But they can’t cut out Annie- She’s sorta kinda important in Mockingjay!

    I have that song on my iPod. ^_^

    I hope you get you want for New Years. (And I agree, Nikon cameras are nice. My dad lets me use his every once and a while.)

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