A post of many topics.

Sorry this post is long. =( It’s a mix of venting my spleen (Social Life and Braininess), a list of things I’ve done and need to do (Movies/Books) and some happiness (iPhones!).

The Sweetest Wind is now able to read! Just go to the Stories page and I’m sure you’ll find it. (:



I got an iPhone 4 yesterday and I am so happy! Well, Mum always gives me her old iPhone whenever she gets a new one, so she’s one step ahead of me with an iPhone 5. I have a flashy case for it, too, and asdfghjkl; HAPPINESS! Mum also (finally) got me a SIM card so I can actually use the “phone” part of “iPhone”. With it comes 3G, so I can get Internet outside the range of WiFi, and I can use Google Translate in class!



MFFF. I need to start getting ahead with all these books and movies and music!

Okay, so I watched about three episodes of Adventure Time and one episode of My Little Pony: FiM. I’ve learned to draw the main AT characters.

I watched Skyfall yesterday and it was soo amazing! I like how they keep the traditional Bond stuff in the movies, even after 50 years, like all the ladies and the music and that weird thing where Bond is walking along and then shoots you and blood pours from the screen… Well, I also really liked the theme song sung by Adele and the characterisation of the villain in this movie, who utterly creeps me out. The first word that popped into my head when I saw him was “pedophile”.

I am planning to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower on my Dad’s TV because he’s got a month-long subscription to all movies, even ones in cinemas. This movie only came out in Australian cinemas yesterday.

Wreck-It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians aren’t even out yet. 😦

I managed to watch Brave a few months ago and I really loved it! The Wisps scared me for some reason, though!

I am so looking forward to the Mortal Instruments movie, but I want to read it first. I read the first two pages of City of Bones and I freaking loved it (but then Mum ruined the moment by pulling me out of the store).

Luckily, I have read all of the Hunger Games books and I can watch the movies.

I’n hoping to get Divergent, the Percy Jacksons and the Mortal Instruments for my birthday, which is on the 21st. I’m not having a party because I’ll have to invite Rachel and she sucks joy out of every place she goes.

Oh yeah, next topic!


Social Life

Ah, Rachel. How I detest you so.

Gabby has finally caught on that she is such an unfair, childish, annoying girl! Now we get into arguments literally every lunchtime. LITERALLY. Come lunchtime, Rachel starts whining and all I do is just get up, leave our lunch spot and go play handball with the other girls of our class.

Gabby stopped me one day.

She said: “You can’t always walk away from an argument, Nicola.”

And I said: “I can’t argue with someone who doesn’t know how to argue properly.” I looked very pointedly over at the sulking Rachel.

Gabby shrugged. “Fair enough,” she said, and I then I went to play handball.

But it’s sooo true! Every time we get into an argument, Rachel says things and then gives us this smug expression that says “I win” even though she’s just made herself look even more stupid. When we argue, all of Rachel’s logic goes out the window. I look forward to French, Science and SOSE because I sit next to two cool guys instead of Rachel. In French and Science I sit next to Eamon, who actually makes an effort to talk to me and is so knowledgeable about the world that my brain explodes and goes all over the room when I talk to him – in a good way. He is also the only person apart from Maina (the French girl) whose French accent I can accept.

He’s fourteen and I’m eleven.

Apparently he corrupted me.

The other guy, Thomas, I sit next to in SOSE. He doesn’t really talk to me because his friend is right in front and they’re always talking about immature things. Here’s an example.

Teacher: “And then came the homo erectus…”

Thomas and Aidan: “HAHAHA! Homosexual erection!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

My face = not amused.

But whatever. Anyone’s better than Rachel.

So at the end of the year I don’t want to be her friend anymore.

In SOSE, when we went to the computer lab but there weren’t enough computers for everyone, there was a table in the middle which included me, Gabby, Rachel, Alex and Eamon. So Alex and I were talking about Epic Rap Battles and bursting out in laughter every two seconds while Gabby and Rachel fought. Then Eamon joined us.

“This is… interesting,” he said, glancing over at Rachel and Gabby.

“And awkward,” I said.

“Okay, I’m going to be the therapist!” Alex said happily. He put on his glasses and twiddled his thumbs. He then tried to figure out the problem between Rachel and Gabby but epically failed, so him, me and Eamon just had a light conversation while Rachel and Gabby were sitting about two feet away across the table.

Oh, how Rachel irritates me so! I could keep going on and on about how much I would like to stop being her friend if it weren’t for my conscience, but I’ll think I’ll just finish up this topic.

Right, so at the end of the year our class and a few other classes will be going to an awesome theme park called Wet ‘n’ Wild. You’re allowed to stay at 5:00 if you want but teacher accompaniment ceases at 2:45. Gabby begged me to stay until 5pm because she didn’t want to be alone with Rachel (who still hadn’t decided whether or not she would be staying). So I signed the form that allows me to stay until 5pm.

At lunch, Rachel asked us whether or not we’d be staying until 5.

“Yes,” I said reluctantly.

“Okay, I’ll stay too,” Rachel said happily. Gabby and I died inside.

Five minutes later Rachel and Gabby were arguing about Rachel’s constant annoying references to Full House and I went to play handball.

The moral of this little story is that Rachel always pretends arguments don’t happen and is all jolly and friend-y, when we’re still icy towards her. It is so annoying! I put my bag on a desk next to Gabby’s seat in English but Rachel’s all like, “THAT’S NOT FAIR! I’LL BE LEFT OUT!”

I had to suppress the urge to shout back at her and I just went over to sit next to Eamon.

She never takes the hint that we don’t like her.



Okay, topic over.



Well, I had about 8 tests combined of French and Science. Half of them, I got A+’s, the other half, just A’s. Mum got disappointed with my results because they weren’t all A+’s and I got angry at her because I thought she’d be proud.

For three of the tests, I got 100%, but noooo that’s not good enough for Mum.

Last year, I took an IQ test and it placed me at 132. According to the Australian government, that makes me “Moderately Gifted” and you can only find me somewhere in 1:40 to 1:1000.

Mum’s not happy; she wants me to be Profoundly Gifted, which makes you be found in 1:10000. Yeah, I don’t think so, Mum.

So now I’m stuck doing brain-training exercises to make my IQ go up…




2 thoughts on “A post of many topics.

  1. Oh, wow! Your phone sounds awesome AND useful!! ^^

    Skyfall sounds good, whoa!! And your dad’s TV sounds TOOOTALLY sick!

    I’m sorry you have to wait for Wreck-it Ralph and Rise of the Guardians, but they are SOOO worth the wait!!

    And the wisps are a little eerie, especially if you consider the fact that they’re the spirits of dead people! Although I wonder where they would lead us if we could see them now?

    I’m sorry the kids in your class are so immature! D: That’s awful! TT_TT But it’s good you’re being yourself and not letting them brat-ify you!!

    Oh my gosh, 8 tests is a LOT!! But congratulations on your excellent grades!! ^^

    I know the feeling, my mom is never quite happy with the grades I get. And she said I had to get almost perfect scores on the PSAT (a standardized test we have to take in 11th grade, I don’t know if you have them in Australia ^^”) or she’d make me get a tutor!!

    I don’t know what grade’s SHE’S looking at, but I think you’re a genius–not just in grades, but in art, writing–everything!! Don’t let her get you down!

  2. Yay for your iPhone! :O *so insane jealous*

    xD I’m in the 1:10000. BUT… (yeah, there’s always a but when I’m involved) it’s not from what you think. I’m that one in a bunch of people who is so impossibly dumb and doesn’t get anything. D: My IQ’s probably like 72.And hey, all A’s on 8 tests is fantastical. I wish I had that. D:

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