November Music Review!!

So remember how I used to do a monthly music splurge?

Yeah. I still do that ^^” That’s probably why I’m always broke!! Epiphanies galore over here!

But this month I bought a spectacular lot of music because of Wreck-it Ralph and Rise of the Guardians!

I can’t blame it entirely on those two amazing movies, but they did consist of half my purchases.

So first up, I bought the Wreck-it Ralph soundtrack!!

I’ve already talked about this a bit, but I’ll say it again: the classical composition mixed with the more electronic sounds is totally amazing!

If I had to list a few of my favorite tracks, I think they’d be:

Track 10: Rocket Fiasco

Track 15: Turbo Flashback

Track 16: Laffy Taffies

Track 23: Sugar Rush Showdown

Track 24: You’re My Hero

But all of the songs were amazing!! Especially the specially written songs for the movie!! I really liked Buckner & Garcia’s song, “Wreck it, Wreck-it Ralph”!!

I would recommend this soundtrack to soundtrack enthusiasts, or just listeners who are looking for a fun, energetic album to listen to!

Next up, I got the new Ellie Goulding album, Halcyon!!

This is a really catchy album!! I found it a bit more electronic than her last album, but I don’t know much about the electronic genre ^^” Plus, I like it a LOT, so whether it changed or not, this was still an amazing album!

I think my favorite tracks would have to be:

Track 1: Don’t Say a Word

Track 2: My Blood

Track 4: Only You

Track 6: Figure 8

Track 11: Atlantis

Overall, I like this album a lot! I would recommend it to anyone who liked her first album or is just looking for catchy, upbeat music! It’s also a very balanced album, as it has some slower, calmer songs, as well!

And after that, I got Lovelorn by Leaves’ Eyes!! Something I have been wanting to buy for a LOOONG time!

Leaves’ Eyes will forever be one of my favorites, and not only because they write awesome songs about Vikings!! Liv Kristine has a BEAUTIFUL voice, and all of their songs are haunting and enchanting!!

It’s really hard to pick favorites, but I’d have to say my top songs are:

Track 3: Ocean’s Way

Track 4: Lovelorn

Track 5: The Dream

Track 6: Secret

Track 9: Into Your Light

Everything Leaves’ Eyes does is always tinged with a hint of magic, and that’s one of the reasons I absolutely adore them!! Plus the songs are really catchy and either fast-moving or slow and ballad-like. I would recommend this album to anyone who has an interest in vocals, likes rock, or loves songs about magic!!

And I ALSO got:

And I have to say, I LOVE the Civil Wars! Their music is so soothing and nice, but exciting and inspiring at the same time! This EP was definitely a good investment! I loved pretty much all of the songs!

If I had to pick favorites, though, I’d have to say:

Track 3: Pressing Flowers

Track 4: Tip of my Tongue

I’d recommend this album to anyone who is looking for some really catchy, cool music that’s kind of soft and folk-y, or anyone who likes AWESOME harmonies!

And there’s more UGH This is kind of embarrassing ^^”

I got a ton of individual songs, and all of them are great, but I’ll just do a tribute to a few of them:

The Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennitt

This song is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Loreena McKennitt is a truly gifted vocalist, and the melody works perfectly with her amazing skill!!

Faerie Queen–Faerie Dance by Blackmore’s Night

This song is beautiful! It’s so mystical and fantastic and OMT!! I’ve bought stuff by Blackmore’s Night before, and they’re absolutely amazing!

Glow in the Dark by tyDi (Featuring Kerli)

This song is so catchy and amazing!! I love the lyrics and the upbeat dance music!!

And, of course, I’ve saved the best for last…


I can’t even handle the soundtrack. I can’t handle the movie at all, but I can’t even handle the soundtrack!! It’s so beautiful and amazing and emotional: I can literally see every scene in the movie just from the music, that’s how strong the imagery Alexandre Desplat creates with the music is!!

Oh, yes, and the Still Dream song? Add that to the “Never Going to be able to Handle This” list!! It makes me want to cry every time I hear it, it’s so beautiful and the message is just sooo amazing!!! I can’t even take it, I’m tearing up just thinking about it!!

I don’t know if I can even pick favorites!! But some of the songs I SUPER DUPER like are:

Track 1: Still Dream

Track 2: Calling the Guardians

Track 5: Wind, Take me Home!

Track 6: The Moon

Track 12: Nightmares Attack

Track 15: Jack and Sandman

Track 21: Jack’s Memories

Track 22: Pitch at North Pole


I would recommend this album to people who loved the movie, DEFINITELY to soundtrack enthusiasts, people who love emotional magical-sounding magic, people who are looking for inspiration, people who love music, basically everyone in the world!! It’s really, really amazing!!

So that’s my 1/2 cent (I don’t have much left but that after this month!).

Sorry this ended up being so long!! I just like sharing music with people, and a there’s so much good music out there!!

I would love to hear from you guys, as well: what are your current favorite songs? Are there any albums you’re looking to purchase?


5 thoughts on “November Music Review!!

  1. I love Ellie Goulding! She is fantastic!
    I am really excited! I am going to see Rise of The Guardians! Is it a fantastic movie? It looks really good to me!
    I really want to buy the new Green Day albums “Uno”, “Dos” and “Tres” and possibly the new Skrillex album. I really need some new music on my iPod. I have such awful music. Oh, and more Coldplay. TT_TT Gah! Too much good music!

    1. I knoow, her music is so catchy!!

      Rise of the Guardians is AMAZING!! It’s perfect in every single way ever!!

      Ohh, Greenday and Skrillex are both really cool!! And it’s always fun to mix it up with some new music! I hope you get to buy it soon!!

      1. It is! 🙂
        Well, I am very excited them!!
        I have very different music than I used too xD. I hope I get too get it too! Well, the New Year’s are coming so my parents get me a New Year’s present instead of a Christmas present so maybe I can ask for 4 albums xD.

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