I haven’t posted in a while but I am reading each post! St’s inspired me to write about my teachers this year! Oh and Rise of the Guardians was AMAZING!

I just have the same 6 classes every day for 55 minutes each.

Starting with… SST! Speed and Strength Training. My conditioning class. My teacher was in the nfl for a year and is our golf coach, he’s pretty cool and will let us play dodgeball occasionally with the freshman and it’s really fun!

Then its Chamber choir… Man that is probably the weirdest group of people ever. It’s really frustrating at times when people don’t work, but it’s good fun when people pay attention and do what they’re told…

Ugh Biology. I don’t mind the subject but the teacher makes me want to rip my head off. She irks me so much. She doesn’t teach or have reasons for answers she gives us to simple questions. Good thing lunch is right after for me.

I then have Algebra II with the coolest teacher ever! His room is all decked with LoTRs stuff, and he has awesome quotes on the board all the time! I hate the subject but I love the teacher!

Pretty much the same with English II. She has Oatmeal posters though. The people in my class kind of annoy me.

Then I end with World Studies and my teacher makes it sooooo fun! And I am watching Supernatural as I write this. I am so distracted.

Thank you much for the birthday wishes and gifts(Rainfall!), I got a lot of candy and balloons and I got a Bamboo Create! It was to replace my old one that wouldn’t work with my computer settings after it upgraded to Mountain Lion.

I’ll try and be more active… I’m always on tumblr and gmail… I’m such a weirdo. Oh well! Yolo!

Dean Winchester has totally proven that wrong. To precious for this world…..


4 thoughts on “Hewwo!

  1. Hmm, I’m quite curious — how long does your school day normally last? Or do you have longer times in between periods, or a longer lunch? :O We have 6 classes everyday as well, but they’re 65 minutes each, so it totally makes me jealous!

    Several of your teachers sound great! And Supernatural! Woohoo! (Only ever seen the Pilot, but I’m sure you persevere much more than me when it comes to TV shows!)

    Thank you for mentioning me, even though my gift was really lame! ^^; I’m glad you got lots of other cooler things!

    1. I’m at school from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. I have a 30 minute lunch and 5 minute passing times.

      I love Supernatural. I LOOOOVEEE EEEEET.

      Oh your gift was awesome!

  2. O: WHOAAAA Your school sounds awesome!! ^^

    Kids at my school have had trouble with kids in chorus not concentrating, either 😦 It still sounds super fun, though!!

    Your math teacher sounds AMAZING!! I had an english teacher that had a cardboard cutout of Legolas that my friend always swooned over–it was pretty funny! ^^

    Yay, I’m glad your birthday was so awesome!! ^^

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