Happy Day-After-Rise-of-the-Guardians Day!!

Best holiday ever!! Although I feel like I’m forgetting about something else… something involving Turkeys?

Anyway, I saw it (Technically last night?) and LOVED IT!! I just finished dying my sweatshirt and thought I’d give you guys a teeny bit of a review!

Two words:


I was literally crying the entire time!! And because of GOOD things, unlike Toy Story 3 (ughhh).

But I think you will all love this movie!! It’s fun, it’s beautiful (visually and story-wise), it’s brilliant, the characters are all lovable, and it has a WONDERFUL message!!

Also, I was suuuper proud of Sandman!! He’s my favorite and he turned out to be a tooootal kicker of butts! I also loved Tooth (and Baby Tooth!) to no end!!

And, of course, Jack!!

And it’s not just that Dreamworks managed to (AGAIN) make a movie with a SUPER cute guy in it (That just so happens to be just my type… I’m getting a bit suspicious!). It’s that everything he stands for is so agreeable!! Plus (WEE SPOILER BELOW THE CUT)

While he does make a bad decision or two, he never intentionally works against his team.

Too often in movies the character you’re rooting for will turn around and totally betray his teammates and you’ll have a total, “NO, ______, DON’T!!” but there wasn’t really one of those moments in the film!! I find those moments extremely frustrating! (When Ralph wrecks the Kart: UGHHHH)

But anyway, yes!! This is a great holiday movie and it just filled my heart up with hope!!


8 thoughts on “Happy Day-After-Rise-of-the-Guardians Day!!

  1. -SPOILER-
    I’m actually glad they had a character death in this movie, I don’t think it would have been good with out it. Jack wouldn’t have the aspect of keeping someone safe if he hadn’t died…

    1. [More spoilers!!!]

      Me, too!! I was pretty sure that he drowned from the beginning, just because of the way he was introduced (the way people could walk through him, rising up out of the frozen water, etc.), but I never guessed that the staff was what helped him save the child!! It sort of strengthens the argument that the Guardians get their powers from helping the kids!

      And Sandy!!! TT_TT… Although he comes back, he is definitely one of my favorites!! Tied with Jack and Tooth!! I was sooo sad at the memorial oh my gosh 😥

      I’m a bit sad they didn’t at least try to win Pitch over, though! They could, maybe, someday in the future, utilize his power!! My dad pointed out that they could let him influence the kids with fear when they go towards something that really IS dangerous, you know? To keep them safe!

      But ANYWAY sorry about the huge divergence ^^” I agree, character deaths make everything better. They make it deeper, I guess! I just wonder who Tooth, Sandman, and North were before they were guardians! And I wonder if the Easter Bunny was a very advanced bunny, or a human that took the shape of one?

  2. Quite a shame I won’t be able to go to the theater any time soon, but yay! I’m glad to know it doesn’t disappoint!

    Sandman is one of my favorite mythical (or maybe not mythical? hmm!) characters. Dreams are such a lovely occurrence!

    Is Dreamworks intentionally stalking you and making characters of your type? :O

    1. Aww!! D: At least you’ll still get to see it for the first time!! Mr. Merritt (My animation teacher at Ringling that used to work for Pixar!!) always said!! Plus, when it comes out on DVD you’ll get all the bonus material! 8D

      OMG SANDMAN WAS LITERALLY THE BEST. A “cool kid” at my school–like one of the “jocks”–said that Sandman was his favorite!

      I don’t know… I think it’s either trying to destroy me or I’ve just been totally hypnotized into thinking any Dreamworks guy is perfect?

  3. I saw Rise of the Guardians yesterday with my younger cousins, and it was totally AWESOMESAUCE. It was a whole new way of thinking about those holiday icons. Definately getting that when it comes out on DVD. ❤ Also, unlike in some holiday icon movies, Pitch was a pretty legit villain.

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