Brotherhood 2.0

How do people do this?? How? HOW DO????

I can now do it with my left hand after I attempted it 10000 times, but my right hand still refuses to cooperate unless I strain myself. I don’t understand how.

Wait, Rainfall! you ask. What does this have to do with anything?

I can’t flash the Nerdfighters sign! I can’t greet my fellow Nerdfighters properly! Oh, woe is me!

John and Hank Green are brothers and they run a Youtube channel (among many, like crashcourse [in which I want all three of the posters connected to it BUT IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE] or scishow or etc) called vlogbrothers.

I could go on explaining, but honestly I couldn’t. They’re hilarious and kooky and adorbs.

I have begun my journey!!

Previously, I’ve seen all of their recent videos and have continued as they updated. But they have over 1000 videos, so I haven’t really watched the entire thing.

But! I have decided to start from the very beginning. I will continue my adventure until I reach present day.

I would suggest that you all join me, as the Greens are amazing, but I’m sure you all have lives unlike me.

And now, I beg of you to give them a chance!


4 thoughts on “Brotherhood 2.0

  1. Live long and prosper!!

    Yes, it’s really tough!! It’s really impressive you can do it with your left hand at all!!

    I have this one friend who like does this unfolding thing with his fingers and it looks REALLY cool!!

    Ohh!! That’s the guy that wrote this book we had to read for school–The Fault in Our Stars!! He seems like a really cool guy!!

  2. I can do it a bit with my left hand, but my right hand refuses to do that unless my pinky is like way far apart from my ring finger D;

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