And the composer…

look at the composer

(Okay sorry I just noticed this and thought it was important ^^”)

Sooo I went to my first Anime Convention!! I only stayed for like two hours though ^^”

But it was suuuper fun!! I went with a couple close friends, and I met…

JACK FROST!! And a Mavis!

Yes, it was suuuper cool!

Anyway, have you guys seen Wreck-it Ralph?

Oh my gosh.


Let’s talk about animated movies because holy cow am I DYING!!!

This year has just been simply incredible for animated films!

I mean, I never saw Madagascar 3 (I was at Ringling around the time both it and Brave came out, and  Brave was a wee bit higher on my priorities list ^^”) but I heard from my sister that it was funny! And while my sister and I don’t have the same taste at all, she’s a LOT better than I am at picking up on whether or not something’s dumb.

But while I missed a few movies (Arrietty, Lorax, Pirates, Madagascar 3), everything I saw was a total knockout!!

Okay, Brave was just SUPERSTELLARAMAZINGOMT!!! I don’t even want to go into it because I know I won’t ever stop.

Ice Age 4 was pretty good, too–much better than I expected!! It was good visually, and pretty funny at times!

ParaNorman–Oh my gosh don’t even get me started. This movie is amazing and funny and the animation… omt.

And out of all the movies, I think I was the most nervous about Hotel Transylvania. But I had no reason to be, it totally rocked!

And of course, there’s Wreck-it Ralph… That movie, I can’t even… It’s sooo good!

Like, really, I think the animation business just TOTALLY hit its stride! Sony is putting out great stuff, and even the 3rd or 4th sequels aren’t stinking up the buildings!!

Also, Rise of the Guardians comes out on Wednesday!! Dreamworks is literally the best like I swear to Thor.

The Sandman and his sand are AMAZING. Like whoa, the animation… I just can’t even take it!! And the Tooth Fairy is possibly the best interpretation of the tooth fairy ever (Sorry, The Rock ^^”)?!

Anyway, sorry this post got so long.

OH YES NOW I REMEMBER!! I brought up Wreck-it Ralph because I wanted to throw in a shameless promo for the Soundtrack!

Ummm it’s just a little bit COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!

And the last time I checked, it was like $8 on both Amazon and iTunes!

I just love the way the classical score elements blend so beautifully with the more electronic components!

Just like the movie, the score has a ton of different “environment” feelings to it! It’s a totally fun listen and you can literally see yourself in Hero’s Duty with the Cybugs flying all around you, or in Sugar Rush facing the wee racers in their wee candy karts!!
Also Felix is just the best.
Also, the Brave soundtrack is now down to four dollars on Amazon??

I don’t know if I’ve talked about the Brave soundtrack before, but it is definitely one of the funnest soundtracks I own!! It’s very lively and has a definite narrative feel to it!!

Okay, I promise I’m done!! I’m sorry this post got so long, I just can’t even contain myself!!


6 thoughts on “WHOA

  1. I’ve been super duper excited for Rise of the Guardians for such a while, and oh my Rowling Jack Frost what a cutie omg @______@ And the Tooth Fairy’s design is really gorgeous! It’s a shame I probably won’t be able to see it until it’s released on DVD or something!

    Alexander Desplat is an amazing composer, I really liked his work on the Deathly Hallows, especially songs like Obliviate and Courtyard Apocalypse. I think it’s super great he’ll be composing for RotG too. :0)

    An AnimeCon sounds fun! 8D

    I haven’t seen Wreck-It Ralph, unfortunately — I haven’t seen any movies in a long time. D: It’s too bad though, your reviews make them sound intriguing!

    1. Aww, I’m sorry you don’t think you’ll get to see Rise of the Guardians! D: But maybe you’ll get around to it!! ^^ I never used to go see movies, ever!

      Ahhh you would totally love Wreck-it Ralph!! It is so cute!! I at least recommend buying it on DVD, because it is sooo fabulous and fun!! ^^

  2. Anime Convention sounds like fun. Even though it was short, at least you had a great with your friends, right?

    I haven’t seen many animated movies this year, but I love Disney-Pixar movies-The way they animate is just so amazing: Don’t get me started- and I heard Wreck-It Ralph was worth seeing. (My friends won’t see it with me!)

    Brave ohmygosh, It just came out on DVD, and I’m making my mom watch it over Thanksgiving Break. It’s such a cute movie and she needs to see it.

    1. Yeah, the con was awesome! And it was my first one, so I figured I should take it in small doses ^^”

      OMG WRECK-IT RALPH IS LIKE 5000000X worth seeing!! I’m sorry your friends won’t go, though! D: It’s not kiddy or boring at all!!

      Oh I know, it’s the perfect movie to watch with your mom!! ^^

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