Stupid One-Shot

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

One of my friends was feeling a little upset, and I had enough time to make a stupid one-shot that I hope makes her feel a little better.
Also, Ammut’s human in this. Her profile is on My Crazy, Beautiful Life somewhere. This may sound awful, I haven’t written in forever.

There’s a Place Downtown Where the Freaks All Come Around

Wow, really good performance. I never knew there was a move that made the dancer look like
they’re being tazed. So believable, too…

Ammut sat on the bar stool, flipping through a magazine she’d found laying on the couch.

It looked promising with phrases like ‘Shinier Hair in Two Weeks!’ and ‘Win a New York Shopping Spree!’, written in a bold font across the cover. She hoped this thing didn’t belong to Osiris and Ma’at just happened to leave it there when she left to prepare a trial.

Her boot-clad feet swung back and forth as she thought for a minute. Either finish reading ‘Kristen Stewart Shows Emotion!’ or find out why Anubis was going into hysterics in the other room.

…Bye, Kristen Stewart.

“‘Ey, What’s all this screaming about?” Ammut asked, arms crossed on her chest.

“Hathor- Party- Dance- Can’t…” Anubis spit out before sinking to the floor and curling up into a ball.

“Hathor’s having a party,” Ammut tried making sense of the words, “And you can’t- You can’t dance? Ha.”

Anubis groaned.

“C’mon, Let’s see it. Shuffle, Gangnam Style, Lawnmower? Show me what’cha got.”

Anubis pried himself off the floor and started doing a- Uh, very interesting interpretation of the shuffle.

It ended with some slow clapping.

“Wow, really good performance,” Ammut said, “I never knew there was a move that made the dancer look like
they’re being tazed. So believable, too…”

Anubis groaned again, putting himself back on the floor.

Ammut, however, was having a fantasy.

“Whoa,” Hathor said, pointing at Anubis, who was doing a terrible job of dancing to the pop song blasting through the speakers, “I feel sorry for whoever that guy’s with…”

“Hey, Ammut,” Bastet said, “Isn’t that Anubis?”

“Pshh, What?- No! I haven’t seen that guy before,” Ammut defended, “Never met ‘im.”

“That is so Anubis…”

“Hey, I don’t blame her for acting like she doesn’t know him. Look at him on the dance floor I mean, seriously.”

“You should just- stay home,” Ammut said,”I-it’s for the good of both of us.”


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