Okay, I chickened out…

I intended to do Nanowrimo, I really did!! Buuuut… yes, I just kind of wrote that off ^^”

I’m sorry I haven’t been on at all! I’ve spent pretty much all my time napping and doing silly, non-school-related things working really hard at school!

I can’t write much because I already spent wayyy too much time goofing around today and I still have English reading to do (Which is fun! I just never want to stop doing the other stuff!)

I guess I just didn’t have much to blog about, but now that things are picking up I hope I’ll have a lot more to say!

I miss all of you guys so much!! You’re like my family, and I feel like that one relative that doesn’t show up at the reunion because they don’t feel like booking plane tickets or something!

But anyway, I love you guys, and I hope I’ll be able to check in more often!! ^^

Also, I admire all of you doing Nanowrimo!! I have a friend who’s doing it and, MAN! That’s commitment. Soooooooo, yeah, you guys are awesome!!


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