I ship O’Wanda so much it hurts

Me gusta tu pelo rojo y ojos azules.

(assuming that he had blue eyes, but most sources cite them as “light” or “gray blue”)

I think that’s the first thing I would say to a younger Thomas Jefferson if I ever met him, after quoting some patriotic lines a couple times to give him inspiration and join the cause. He had red hair — I adore red hair.

Oops, I have a really freaky crush on him. (and Alexander Hamilton HELP)

Hamilton was a slender, fair-skinned, auburn-haired man with a chiseled jaw and azure eyes so alluring that Massachusetts representative Fisher Ames once called them “eminently beautiful.” Henry Cabot Lodge described him as “very attractive,” while a flustered Abigail Adams once wrote to her husband that Hamilton represented “lasciviousness itself.”

Even though Hamilton was a cranky Federalist, he was an intelligent guy and I so dig that. Also, Abigail Adams thought he was cute? (one of the coolest ladies of history, so I value her opinion a ton) Man.

Anyway, I’d speak Spanish with Jefferson because ole TJ here spoke a multitude of languages. I’d attempt to impress him with (poor) violin skills and Spanish and Mandarin because he played the fiddle and had an affinity for language. And then I’d rant about how “we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal”. If you’re ever reading a history book and it mentions how Thomas Jefferson got some inspiration in writing the Declaration of Independence from a mysterious girl, you’ll know I either met the Doctor or my time travel machine worked.

I’m far from fluent in Spanish, but I suppose if I managed to meet him when he was 15 and attempt to woo him, he wouldn’t be either.

This is the new Host trailer and I have so many creys. They used Imagine Dragons, which I thought really fit in well, and even though Ian got ONE line (“So we stop acting human?”) I wanted to melt into a puddle of goo.

It doesn’t look too dandy, though, and I have an immense fear that the movie will butcher the book.

Also, I HATE JarexMelanie. Jared’s an abusive and manipulate little buttwipe. I hate his stupid character. The trailer featured Jelanie a ton, and practically NO IanxWanda (my feels!).

Um…NaNo updates.

  • no
  • haha
  • guh
  • UM
  • yea er no

Since it’s the week before Thanksgiving break, the teachers have been loading up on tests.

However, when it IS Thanksgiving break, I’ll have a whole week off! I’ll be spending most of the time with my sister and food, but I suppose I could get at least 5000 words — not sufficient enough to win this year, but I care little for being a winner. I feel that I shouldn’t rely on one month as an incentive to finish!


2 thoughts on “I ship O’Wanda so much it hurts

  1. I ship Dramione so much it hurts.

    J’aime tes cheveux rouges and tes yeux bleues. (I think that’s gramatically correct enough. D: )

    It intrigues how you seem to be falling for two famous people in history based on descriptions from other people. XD It’s really funny. I once had a crush on some random person over the Internet, and THAT is truly creepy.

    I shall now add Host to my to-read list, along with Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, etc. ^^

    I agree, one month is really hard, especially for young ‘uns like us. I have found lots of time to write my novel, but I’m SUCH a slow writer. It annoys me so much. And also, I usually write a few words, get bored, go on some site and procrastinate on that site for an hour or so. *coughfanfictioncough* That’s why I’m quite below the daily par.

    I do hope you will be able to finish your novel, whether it’s by the end of today (some people actually do finish their novels in 24 hours – what’s up with the universe?), of November, of 2012, of 2013, or of your entire education.

    But seriously, if it takes you longer than your entire education to finish it, you’d better give up.

    1. Once, I did as well! It’s a shame I’ve moved away from the Dramione fandom so much, but I suppose I still have a slight weakness for it.

      Well, to be honest, I don’t think I’d be as in love with them if they weren’t super intelligent people, and in the case of Jefferson, incredibly open-minded and humorous. 8D Most primary quotes and sources only mention Jefferson as being extremely tall (for the times) and none mention handsomeness, and since that was quite a thing to mention, I assume he wasn’t a total colonial hottie, although I won’t deny that red hair is a ++++++++++. I have this massive fascination with both because of their roles in the new government and their rivalries with each other. Plus, have you seen Hamilton on the more recent 10 dollar bill?? What a hunk.

      Oh, NaNo, what a source of misery you are!

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