The Sweetest Wind: Carmen

It was a picture of another new student. The caption read, “New student, Carmen Alaceleste. Is she pretty or what?”

Emma clicked on the photo to enlarge it. This Carmen girl was more than pretty; she was beautiful, in an intense kind of way. She was perched on a high stone wall, a book held in her hands. It seemed that Opal had been caught taking her photo, however, because Carmen was staring straight into the lens, giving a full view of her face.

There was something slightly smug about her, as though she knew something Emma didn’t.

Carmen looked strangely graceful but her light ice blue eyes held a hint of defiance in them. Her skin was very pale, though not unattractively so. Her hair was black like ravens and her lips red like blood. Emma was reminded of Snow White.

Carmen’s expression was neutral but she still looked beautiful, with defined cheekbones, large and outlined eyes, a feminine jawbone and perfectly-shaped lips. Her hair cascaded down her back in natural curls.

A small pang of jealousy hit Emma. Why was it that some people were so immensely beautiful – like Carmen – and some were boringly plain – like Emma? Emma supposed that if everyone in the world was beautiful, then beauty would become plain.

Carmen was prettier than the most popular girl in the school, Madison Miles, girlfriend to Jack Adams. Emma felt a bit of sympathy for Carmen, for soon she would be on the receiving end of many girls’ jealous glares and devious plans to make her look stupid or ugly.

Sighing with boredom and her annoying tiredness, Emma closed down her computer and stared out the window before immersing herself in a book.

She didn’t notice the shadowy figure staring at her from the top of the house across the road.


3 thoughts on “The Sweetest Wind: Carmen

    1. If we ever decide to post them, then you can. I’ve pasted it all into a draft post for backup if you want to read it – but I haven’t revised/edited/proofread it at all. D:

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