Slow Writers Anonymous

^Stolen from the title of a NaNo thread.

I’m so slow at writing! Apparently, most people can reach their daily par in half an hour. It’s taken me the whole day to reach 4000!

Is anyone else a slow writer?


9 thoughts on “Slow Writers Anonymous

  1. I’m a really slow writer. Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes to figure out a single sentence, because it doesn’t sound right or I keep putting ‘wanna/gonna’ instead of ‘want to/going to’.

    …Or I’ve confused myself with the plot somehow.

  2. Okay, this novel isn’t working out for me. Time to shift into my backup plan.

    *pulls lever, slides into a now darkened room filled with my past novels*

    *picks one off the shelves, it’s about 30 pages or so* Time to kick it into high gear with a little… redecorating.

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