A new obsession – also crash course!

We’ve paid your foolish tax, read the acts, and they just won’t do. We wanna make it clear, we believe this much is true: All men were created with created certain unalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


I’m too much of a geek.

I wish I knew who the singer was — their official website says “Chris Brown”, but it must be some dude with the same name as the famous musician, because it is a common name.

Sam Adams is quite amusing, because you have Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Hancock, and Benjamin Franklin looking all official and swell. Then comes Samuel Adams, grinning and tossing a beer.

Okay, maybe I laughed too much.

There’s no fair trials, no trade, no liberties…oh, and no tea. Bwahahaha. /dork

Well, the American Revolution has always been one of my favorite periods in U.S history, and I’m super glad it’s the topic for the next week or two in class.

Another one of my favorite past events is tale of the anti-suffrage state legislature member who was eventually a major help in passing the 19th amendment. All because of whose influence? His mother.

Slicked back hair. Gosh, you’re so cool.

I knew the vague details of the story, but not the specific person. His name was Harry T. Burn and he was from east Tennessee.

Anti-suffragists were known to wear red flowers while the pro-suffrage people wore yellow flowers. Young Harry here, the irritating little imbecile, happened to be a strong anti-suffragist and wore his red rose proudly.

To ratify the 19th amendment, Tennessee needed to approve it. There was one more vote needed, and guess who!

His mother had sent him a note earlier, telling him to be a good boy and put the rat in ratification.

Well, he did, and happy endings all around. It warms my heart.

(and then he ended up being chased around by a mob of angry people, oops)

Let’s steer off of this tedious subject for a while and move on to how much misery NaNoWriMo causes me.

So little time, but so many ideas that swim around.

I think there’s no reason to mock others — after all, there’s not much they can help, right? It’s sad how much I see it on Tumblr. I don’t think there’s any shame in having 1000 words or 100 words or 0 words. Personally, I may not do NaNo this year, because

a) procrastination
b) I’m multitasking with my homework as I write these very words.

  • two portfolios
  • English paper
  • textbook homework
  • Science quiz
  • and I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting.

I didn’t do anything last night or today because I spent the night at a friend’s and then spent half the day napping, so I feel awfully behind. Ah, my creys.

Plus, I have this character I’m not sure how to manipulate. Anton Dereaux, a half French, half Haitian guy who’s quite calm and collected with a vindictive streak. Intelligent, speaks Creole fluently, popular, traitorous, dishonest. I love him to death, but he sits like a potato sack in my story. I might just make him a background character, but then I’d feel awful for him.

Well, I suppose I might as well go back to my homework.

Also, pretty sure this picture sums up my mood completely:


One thought on “A new obsession – also crash course!

    I’m sorry, but that video was just too funny….
    Sorry, I need to regain my composure. o3o

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