Cover dilemma

I made myself a cover a while ago, using one of my own photos and free stock images from dA. ^^; It was a little stupid looking, since it resembled those covers that I always despised for being too…I don’t know, lame.

Like, the whole usage of a completely girl. I wanted to do something, with a normal girl and her shadow, a demon.

It was lame, so I went to the NaNo artisans forum and sought out a different cover. I ended up getting one I didn’t particularly want to use, since it seemed like a black background with black text. It was really a lovely cover and I dearly wish I had her graphic skills, but I simply didn’t want to use it.

Now I feel like such a horrible person! And I haven’t a clue as to what I should use. I’ve never been a good graphic artist, and tend to flail around clueless, but I wanted something that had more of a whimsical feel rather than a dark one.

I can’t even begin to decide as to what to do — I would really hate to hurt someone’s feelings like that!!

Plus, the cover isn’t even the biggest problem: I have absolutely no time to write up NaNoWriMo! D8

The problem is, I feel like I have lots of ideas, and I’ve always told myself not to write in chronological order, but I just can’t help but do that ^^;

So then, I’m stuck at the parts where I simply don’t want to be stuck on.

Ah, I’ve already told myself NaNo just isn’t important, but it feels awkward with that site constantly in my bookmarks, begging to be clicked on.


2 thoughts on “Cover dilemma

  1. I like the one you’ve got in the post, it looks nice.

    Don’t feel bad, it didn’t fit your tastes. Usually designers will change something if you don’t like it.

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo. 🙂 (I’ll probably be constantly wishing all of you good luck until this thing is over. XD)

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