NaNo Tip…?

You guys seem to be below the target average for today. o_o So I’m going to share with you something that helps me keep on writing.

Okay, mostly it’s the numerous ideas swirling around my head that can make the novel be more interesting, make it have an actual plot and up the word count. (This never happens to me! :D)

But it’s also this other thing I do. I don’t know if it’ll help you guys too, but I like to update my word count on the NaNo site very often – every 300 words or so. It makes me have this wonderful feeling of satisfaction every time my word count gets higher and I can see how it compares with previous days in Stats.

So yeah, that’s all. Good luck, guys!


4 thoughts on “NaNo Tip…?

  1. Don’t worry about me, Nicola. If the novel I’m working on doesn’t work out for me, I plan to take one of my old stories that was kinda short and sort of add onto that.

  2. Well, actually, most of it stems from the fact that I haven’t been getting on the computer lately. ^^; I simply have no time, but school is off today, so perhaps I can up my words. It’s been tough lately because of a personal issue, but I’m trying to move forward and I’m hoping for the best. I’m not too concerned about NaNo at the moment since I also have two honors portfolios to do, but, I guess here’s to hope!

    But thank you for the tips otherwise!

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