WARNING: A good majority of my posts from now on will be boring.

1. Um…how do I start my story…?

2. OK, so my story is going to have aliens but the only problem is I DONT KNOW WHAT THEY WILL LOOK LIKE/ACT LIKE. Well, since there planet is rocky, I was thinking their skin would be tinted green so they could do photosynthesis and that they were very humanoid since reasons. And thats all I know so… yeah..

Love some advice! thanks 🙂


3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. 1. Depends if you want to know how to actually put in into a word document, or what event should start off the story.

    2. Be creative!

  2. I’ve learned that sometimes writing in chronological order shouldn’t always be your main goal! If it helps, just write the parts that you are currently inspired to write. And since December is editing month, go ahead and piece it together then!

    I like your alien idea! Whatever you choose, it’s your story, and therefore it will be fabulous.

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