I’m lucky to live in an area seemingly immune to extreme weather; snow is non-existent, cyclones swerve to avoid it and the floods didn’t touch us at all while neighbouring cities got the full effect. However, I know that some of you might not have that fortune. So, if any of you live in Manhattan or any other cities exposed to Sandy, stay safe and follow orders! I love you all and obviously don’t want you injured or even dead.

Er, Halloween’s tomorrow. I’m dressing as a girl doing all her homework. Yes, I’ll totally get lots of candy.

After Halloween, NaNoWriMo starts! It’s rather incovnenient, as my mum is in Bangkok until the day after NaNo commences, and my story is on the computer in her unit. So I won’t be able to access it. Sigh.



One thought on “Frankenstorm!

  1. Oh, that’s quite funny, because I tend to live in a weather-immune area as well!! During the 2010 flood, it barely scraped us, while the neighborhood behind got it, unfortunately, awful. Also, we get at least 50 tornadoes a year, and once one was literally a couple of streets away!

    Sandy was rather alarming, I do hope not too many people were hurt, though I know many were. I’m keeping them in my thoughts!

    I like your costume. 🙂

    Sorry about that, but your word count seems fine, so I’m sure you will be too!

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