Umbridge + Lupin + Hermione = Trouble

So, all this hype about NaNo has gotten my creative juices flowing. I decided to use them by writing some random FanFiction. And so I came up with a title, “Too Smart To Fail”, and I found a fun-sounding multi-chapter challenge to participate in. As usual, no plan. 🙂 I just felt like sharing it with you. Read it here, or if you haven’t got the time or energy just read this rather funny excerpt. Oh, and it’s set in fifth year, though it’s non-fifth-year-compliant. So that’s why they’re in this position.


“Good evening,” said the woman. She smiled a sick smile, though Hermione could tell in her eyes that the supposedly affectionate mouth movement wasn’t sincere. She seemed to glare – as she smiled – at both Lupin and Hermione. Hermione knew why she wouldn’t be pleased to see her, but the reason of the mutual hostility between Lupin and the lady baffled her.

“Good evening. Are you from the Ministry?” Hermione asked curiously. Lupin was silent, observing the lady.

“Yes. I am Madam Undersecretary Dolores Jane Umbridge. I’ve come to take you back to the Ministry, and some nice men and women will ask you all about your parents,” said Umbridge, her smile crinkling her eyes. She said this in a fake sweet voice. It reminded Hermione of those lollies that were so sweet that you had to spit them out and wash your mouth.

Hermione stood awkwardly in the kitchen between the two adults. Umbridge seemed to have dismissed her and was staring hard at Lupin, scrutinising and judging him.

“What are you doing here?” she snapped rudely, the sweetness less audible.

“Me? I’m bringing Hermione to a friend’s house. She’ll be quite safe there,” replied Lupin.

Umbridge laughed and Hermione fought the urge to cover her ears and block out the unpleasant sound.

“Safe? Why, I can’t imagine any place safer than the Ministry of Magic.” Umbridge turned sharply to Hermione to prevent Lupin from talking back. “Do you know what this man is?” she questioned severely, jabbing her stubby finger in Lupin’s direction.

“My Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher from two years ago?” Hermione answered in a small voice.

“No!” Umbridge almost roared. “He’s a filthy half-breed. A werewolf!”

“Oh, I know he’s a werewolf…” Hermione muttered, slightly offended on Lupin’s behalf by the half-breed insult.

“Half-breed?” Lupin interjected angrily, though he was ignored by Umbridge.

“And you neglected to inform the Ministry about this werewolf?” Umbridge interrogated.

“I… didn’t know I was meant to,” Hermione replied nervously.

“You’re not,” said Lupin. “Come on Hermione, let’s go. Farewell, Madam Umbridge. I hope never to see you again.”

As Lupin took Hermione’s arm, Umbridge stamped her foot like a toddler throwing a tantrum. “Lupin, this is most irregular! Granger, let go of his arm! Lupin – don’t you dare Apparate. Don’t you da-”



It’s a Dramione, obviously, but for once, only FRIENDSHIP. Here is the summary, which I took a while to polish:

Hermione’s fifth year is turning out to be unpredictable. Everything’s absolutely messed up; her parents’ sudden kidnapping is shrouded in mystery, the ominous threat of an attack on Hogwarts looms over everyone, and her irksome yet intelligent new seating partner named Malfoy may actually be helpful to her sanity.

Um, anyway, just felt like posting. See you later!


9 thoughts on “Umbridge + Lupin + Hermione = Trouble

    that was so interesting~ o3o
    I approve of this fanfic! xD

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