This is a shortie post, but I just found out something which is perhaps most probably almost certainly hopefully quite possibly going to make you squeal, if you haven’t read this particular piece of information already. This will definitely give me more incentive and motivation to finish my story, and I hope that its effect will rub off on all of you, too!

CreateSpace - Put creativity to work.

Five free paperback copies of a finished book for NaNoWriMo winners

CreateSpace is proud to support NaNoWriMo participants. We invite you to explore easy and rewarding independent publishing; take advantage of free services or choose from our everyday low priced professional service offerings. Get started here.  In addition, NaNoWriMo winners can get 5 Free paperback copies of their finished book; details will be posted at CreateSpace after November 1.

So basically, if you finish your story, you get to hold your book physically in your hands! That would be an amazing experience. You can also get a ton of discounts for winning – see them at Fun Stuff > Special Offers on the NaNo site.

I wish you all the best and good luck in NaNoWriMo 2012. We’re all first-timers, and I’m hoping that our little bond with help us to keep pushing on and that we will all encourage each other when need be.



9 thoughts on “Blublublublub

        1. Nope.
          I wanna win this myself.
          Plus, my writing’s going to be much darker and maybe a bit cynical; a vast contrast to yours…. O.O
          Sorry.. ^^”

          1. Oh, I’ve already started on mine.. Not quite sure how it works, but I already have at least a thousand words down according to the word counter..

            1. You’re not quite allowed to start until November. ^^” That’s point of National Novel Writing MONTH. October is NaNoPlanMo.

              But I supppose 1000 word won’t hurt. Just don’t write anymore.

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