This is my Nanowrimo story 🙂

Lost in Reality

It’s the year 2050. We think we are living in our reality. Lauren thinks her name is Lauren. She is a gorgeous, perfect girl with tons of friends. We are prisoners in our own minds. We have created a reality in our own minds. Lauren wakes up to find herself in a plain white cell. She doesn’t have the perfect blond hair and blue eyes she had seen for years and years. She is a skinny and small girl with dark red hair and green eyes. Far from the perfect image she had created. We have been taken. And imprisoned. And those who are awake are the only ones who can help us. The only thing is who have taken the humans and what has happened to Earth?

 (This would be the cover xD)

So what do you think guys? I really like it! 🙂 I have got the plot settled down 🙂

Do you want to be my writing buddy? My name is thenameisrandy



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