Ramblings on the determination that will always inspire me

Okay, you can laugh at me! I know it’s a little weird. I read history books for fun and I LOVE documentaries.

History is my favorite subject and it always will be. There’s something interesting about thinking back and realizing that a certain era was real and whole and absolutely. Like weaving thread into a never ending tapestry.

When I open my mind up to history it’s not just something that happened a long time ago. I can visualize the struggles and the pain and the hardships that everyone had to have endured. I love to think about the devotion people feel to their causes and the scorn they must endure.

I have my weak chinks in armor — I despise math and science. I’ve never been good at it, never will. But history will always be something I’m so dedicated to because I love it so much!

It’s why the appeal of being the Doctor’s Companion has always been so strong. It’s not just about the dreamy Doctor. It’s not about just being a fangirl. I would jump at the prospect of time travel just to experience everything as it was.

I felt the need to just type random joyful words about history because Williamsburg has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit, and I finally get to. Wow, I sound like a geek right now, excited about a trip just for the historical touches.

Anyway, today’s History class was super fun.

First, we were all given some forms by the assistant principal. It explained that, due to budget cuts, all the students had to pay up 50 dollars. Not from our parents — but from our own pockets. The money would benefit the lower grades, but not us.

Well, you can guess that this didn’t go over well. There was a near riot. People threw pencils and their wadded up paper and others ripped up the piece of paper, shouting about how much they hated our school. They all shrieked on and on about what a butt our principal was. Others screamed out the reasons why it was unfair. Personally, I thought they were all being childish.

Yes, I was VERY annoyed and didn’t want to pay up, seeing as I had no allowance and no job. But there was a feeling inside myself that thought that this was reasonable enough. If there were budget cuts, the school probably needed money and our parents had already done enough for the school. I was also thought my classmates were being whiny.

Well, afterward, we were informed that it was all fake — it was meant to show us how the colonists felt about the taxes imposed on them. Our teacher informed us that if we were incensed about it, we were considered patriots. If we weren’t that angry, we were Loyalists.

Which meant that I was a Loyalist!

My friends mocked me for this and I also had a couple of self doubt moments.

It made me feel very uncomfortable. Would I have been like that had I lived in colonial America?

We also found out that they were considering doing something just like that when we were learning about the Salem Witch Trials. A teacher would say, “I know one of you is cheating. And if you don’t own up, everyone in this class fails.” If accusations started flying everywhere and no one trusted one another, wouldn’t that have been pretty cool?

Anyway, after everyone stopped throwing fits, we watched part of the HBO series, “John Adams.”

That was really fun! I’ve always been a Thomas Jefferson fangirl, but I do think John Adams is just as interesting, especially the Adams/Jefferson rivalry.

Goodness, though. That was amazing. The soundtrack gave me chills.

I loved the beginning. I could imagine myself in a theater alone, examining the screen. It started out with John Adams riding horseback on a winter day. The theme was set really well and the mood cast all over. I loved it. Thumbs up to the director, Tom Hooper. Bravo, bravo.

But the soundtrack? HNNGH. Oh my goooooooooood. It was amazing. Everytime I watch a movie with a good soundtrack, it stamps on my mind for the rest of eternity.

I love the theme song. The beginning reminds me of the Mulan intro. The violin parts remind me of this fiddle tune I once played. The 1:00 mark reminds me of the Merlin theme. Gah, this is an amazing score.

You should look up the entire soundtrack!

It really, really, marks the mood. Fury, hope, determination.

I’ve always loved the American Revolution. It’s a topic that I adore reading about. Thinking about the courage and dedication of the patriots always gets me inspired.

I love the “Don’t Tread On Me” and “Unite, or Die” slogans. Imagine the unity and the trust that had to take place. The persistence and purpose of the Revolution doesn’t only apply to that itself. Thinking of all the occurrences in history, you start to realize how much people suffered and how much they went through. India’s independence. The American civil rights movement. The Battle of Thermopylae.

But you must remember that hope always transcends through it all! That’s how we go beyond our limits and how we’re able to achieve so much.


3 thoughts on “Ramblings on the determination that will always inspire me

  1. I absolutely LOVED that soundtrack. I’d love to be part of a band/orchestra that plays that. That little flute bit at the end…

  2. Whoa, you really like history. I’m not such a big fan, but I haven’t really done much history… The soundtrack music is great, too.

  3. Oh my gosh, I wish my school had history assignments that interesting!!! ;_;
    You’re so lucky o.o

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