If no one will post, I’ll post for them

Plot bunnies? Yeah, they hate me.

I’ve been browsing the adoption threads on NaNo, and I stole a ton of ideas and eventually came up with a vague idea! I already have the opening and closing paragraphs written because I couldn’t resist. So, here is my idea. It’s called The Sweetest Wind; the source of the title is revealed at the very end.

“People say dying is peaceful, but they’ve never died. It’s a rather exciting event.”

“How would you know what it’s like?”

“I’ve died. Quite recently, actually.

Emma was a normal girl, with a normal life and normal people around her. She wasn’t different to anyone else – until she died. Death gave her a second chance, promising more time to live if she completed a mission that seems extremely simple. Emma thinks that Death’s deal is too good to be true. And she realises that it really is when the real difficulty of her mission is revealed. But if she wants to live, Emma must face challenges that will test her logic and her will to keep on living.


4 thoughts on “If no one will post, I’ll post for them

  1. My mind is a field full of plot bunnies… That’s probably why my ‘Science notes’ are stories. XD

    The plot seems really interesting. If it were a book, I’d buy it. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Ooo~ sounds interesting! o:
    I bet you’ll win NaWriMo. xD
    *cough* I’m okay as long as I get 2222nd place or better. o3o *cough*
    Good luck!!!!!!!! ^-^

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